Whenever Sprinkles and I are cooking a meal together, it is always my job to slice any fruits or veggies that we may need. Being a unicorn has it’s perks, but slicing things up with hooves is usually a disaster. Well, this weekend while slicing and dicing I noticed that some of the produce had a bit of an artistic edge to it. So after we ate lunch… we played with our food. I know growing up your mother probably told you not to do this, but please… today I am encouraging it. Here are some fun “Snack Stamp” ideas for you and your littles. Have a blast!

red-apple images lemon

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Citrus Fruit (We used an orange)

1 Head of Romain

1 Bell Pepper

1 Apple

Tempura Paint

Paper Plates

Construction or Watercolor Paper

Let’s get started!

1.) The first thing to do is prepare those fun Snack Stamps! Here is what we did for each snack:

Romaine: Cut about 3-4 inches away from the bottom of the lettuce and use the small end as your stamp! The Romaine was Sprinkles’ favorite stamp because it looks like a rose pattern once you apply paint and press it against the paper.


Orange: You can use any of the citrus fruits for this project. We chose to use an orange because it is bigger in size than a lemon or lime. You can just cut the orange in half and use it as a stamp- but we found that carving out the juice sacs from each or the orange’s sections with a pairing knife made adorable stamps. Once you remove the juice sacs all that remains are the cites membranes. It takes a little extra effort, but it is so much cuter! This was my favorite stamp!


Apple: Just cut it in half. Ha! Easiest process ever. They are super cute if you dip them in orange paint! They look like little pumpkins. The perfect stamp for fall.

Bell Pepper: You could just cut this guy in half too, but we cut ours about 3 inches away from the bottom and used the smaller end as the stamp.

2.) Pour some paint onto your paper plates. They will serve as “ink pads” for your Snack Stamps. Stamp away!


img_6400 img_6392 img_6397

We would love to see what you and your littles come up with! If you would like Sprinkles and I to enjoy your Snack Stamp artwork, make sure to hashtag #colorsaremagic when posting to social media! x


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