Kool-Aid Clouds

The other day my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, and I were babysitting my little niece. Now, normally we are not supposed to bring guests with us if we go visit Sprinkles’s family in the Cotton Candy Kingdom– but Mr. & Mrs. Unicorn have taken a liking to my niece (who wouldn’t really?).

It was a super fun trip. My niece got to meet the Tooth Fairy, a group of mermaids, and Jack Frost. You would think that meeting such icons would have wowed her. Nope. She was most obsessed with the fact the ground with made of rainbow clouds. She jumped on them. Rolled on them, Slid on them. She was so happy I was concerned that she may have a #heartexplosion. 😉

When we got home to Colorado… she really wanted to play in the rainbow clouds again. Unfortunately they don’t transport well…. so we have to come up with an idea so she could play in rainbow clouds at home. After searching the internet for hours, I came across a recipe from an amazing blogger.

{Growing A Jeweled Rose has a fun recipe on her blog for a Kool-Aid sensory bin and I loved it so much we filled a kiddie pool in the stuff! Ha. You should totally take a second and check out her stuff. She’s a genius!}


Here is what you’ll need:

x2 Dish Soap

Kool-Aid Packets (I used 3 of each color)

Kiddie Pool (or Sensory Bin)


1 Large Mixing Bowl

Electric Mixer

Food Coloring or Liquid Watercolors

IMG_9632 IMG_9637 IMG_9627 IMG_9626

Here we go!

1.) In a large mixing bowl combine about 1/4 cups water with a decent squirt of your dish soap. Then, choose a color from your Kool-Aid packets and mix on high for 2-3 minutes using an electric mixer. The longer you mix the fluffier your “clouds” will become. If you want to have bolder colored clouds, add a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors. It’s probably no surprise that I used a fair amount of food coloring… I love my colors!

2.) Spoon in each color of your clouds into a kiddie or sensory bin. Go crazy! Note: It can stain your kiddos clothes or skin… but will come off in the bath. If you use a kiddie pool– I suggest placing it in the grass– as little feet like jump in and out. It will help with any mess. 

  IMG_9624   IMG_9625

IMG_9628 IMG_9638

IMG_0560 IMG_9631

I hope you enjoy stomping and squishing rainbows with your little ones!


  1. Oohohoho this is awesome!! ? And cute story too!! ?


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