October is here! My favorite month. I love the smell of the rain washed air, sweater weather, apple picking, pumpkin spiced everything, my birthday, Halloween, and colorful leaves! So much to love. This year Sprinkles and I decided to try our hands (and hooves) at making some homemade Candy Corn Paint- and it totally worked!

Let’s be honest… a lot of Candy Corn makes it’s way into the trash can the day after Halloween. When kids have a choice between a king size Snickers Bar or a fist full of Candy Corn, it’s really not a contest most of the time. I personally love it. But if you are looking for some fun ways to use up these little holiday icons… this is the perfect project for you!


Here’s what you’ll need:

1/2 Cup of Candy Corn

2 tbsp. of Water

4 tbsp. of Cornstarch

Let’s get started…

1.) Pour 1/2 a cup of Candy Corn into a glass dish and add 2 tbsp. of water.

2.) Microwave Candy Corn and water for about 1 minute (it may vary from microwave to microwave).

3.) add between 4-5 tbsp. of corn starch to melt Candy Corn and mix until you have the consistency of something resembling melted caramel. And your paint is finished!


4.) Have a blast painting with your orange Candy Corn Paint! I drew the outlines of pumpkins in sharpie and we filled them in with our Candy Corn Paint. After painting our pumpkins we used some of the leftover Candy Corn to make cute little jack-o-lantern faces on them. No need for glue! The paint will keep them in place as it dries. We loved how to turned out. When the paint dries it is like a shiny glaze and smells sweet. Win.




I hope everyone on is enjoying their Octobers so far! Sprinkles and I would love to see your Candy Corn Paint creations. Make sure to tag @_colorsaremagic_ on Instagram so we can find them. :)


  1. How clever! And what a fun project for kids!


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