An Easy Way to Brighten Someone’s Day TODAY

(A note from Nickey: I just love seeing all of the ways that others are sung to teach their little ones kindness. Thank-you, Lizzie for sharing!)


It seems that everywhere I turn the past few weeks, everyone is feeling so BLAH. It is snowing and freezing here in the North East and warm weather cannot come soon enough. Spring is still a few weeks out, but I’ve got an easy solution to brighten your day TODAY. I promise, anyone can do it and everyone will benefit from it.


What you’ll need:
Writing Prompts
Stickers, stamps and washi tapes (optional)

Writing Prompts:
Dear _________,
Thank you for ___________.
I love it when you____________.
You make me feel ________.
You are important to me because_________.
Love, ____________

Here is an example of an inviting set up:
How To Create Kindness Together:

Step 1) Make some tea or cocoa and a yummy snack and talk with your children about communicating kindness.

Here are some conversation starters:
What does it mean to be kind?
How does it feel when someone gives you an authentic compliment?
Who made you feel good recently? How did they do it?
When did you make someone smile? How did you do it?
What are some words that make people feel good?
What are some actions that make people feel good?
How can we cheer someone who is feeling down?
Who is important to you? Why?

Step 2) Bring the children to the place where you have set up your Kindness Prompt. Let them explore the materials. Explain what you intend for them to do. Understand that your intentions are NOT likely to be the outcome. Give the children the opportunity to interpret the prompt as they see it.
Give them creative license. You have planted the seed, let them grow it.

For young children, or any child who doesn’t want to do his or her own writing, take dictation and write it down for them. The intention is to spread kindness and have FUN doing it. It’s ok to write for them. Don’t feel pressure to make this into a literacy lesson.



Step 3) Make your deliveries!
Allow the children to decide how this goes. Will they deliver the card in person? Will they leave their Kindess Card as a surprise? My own children love to leave it on a doorstep, ring the bell, and hide like secret little kindness-elves.


Step 4) Document the fun by taking photos or video (especially of the deliveries). The children will love to look back on the experience later. You can use the photos as a talking point. For example, “Look at Mrs. M’s face when she received your card. Can you see how happy her eyes look? You made her feel good.”
Or, “Listen to your sister giggle when she gave her a card. It felt good to make her friend happy.”
That’s it! Four easy steps to spreading kindness with your children. It’s pretty simple, right? Try not to trip yourself up making it perfect. It’s the process that truly matters.

Leave a comment if you decide to spread kindness with your children. Or better yet, a photo!

A special thank you to Nickey for letting me guest post. Please feel free to join me over on my blog and say hello. You can also find me on FB and IG @theworkspaceforchildren .

Lastly, Nickey is right. Colors ARE magic.

xx, Lizzie

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