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    Sun catchers may just be something pretty we put in our houses here on earth, but in the Cotton Candy Kingdom they are used for much bigger things than decorations. You see, in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, sun catchers are used to actually “catch the sun” so it can be harvested for medicine or used in healthy recipes. Since my pet unicorn, Sprinkles moved away from the Cotton Candy Kingdom to live with me, it is important that we have ample sun catchers around our house to collect sunbeams to keep her happy and healthy.

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  • 15 Fun Spring Crafts & Activities for Kids

    Spring has sprung! Unless you live in Colorado like Sprinkles and I do… in that case you have been experiencing 70 degree days followed blizzards (and repeat). But that’s ok- spring is still here and since it is Sprinkles favorite part of the year, we are celebrating! You see, unicorns are allergic to fall because that’s when things die and lose their vibrant colors- which unicorns need to keep their immune systems up. Spring is when everything re-blooms and is full of color. So while I am off with itchy eyes and sneezing my little human head off, she is thriving.  Allergies are the pits.

    So in honor of spring, why not celebrate with this fun list of spring themed crafts and activities? Your kids will be sure to love them (and you will as well)!

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  • Puffy Paint Monsters

    My pet unicorn, Sprinkles, and I do a lot of painting in our household. We love it all– watercolors, acrylics, finger paints, and everything in between. Today we decided to paint some colorful monsters (friendly ones, of course). They were cute… but something was missing. We were painting furry monsters, but we wanted to make the painted fur look a little more “furry”. We rummaged through our cupboards to see what we had on hand, and after a little deliberation decided on making some homemade puffy paints. Now our little monster friends have more defined and 3-D fur. Perfect.

    If you would like to make your own homemade Puffy Paint Monsters, it is super simple (you may just have everything you need at home already :) ).

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  • Sizzle Paint

    You guys, not many people know this… but my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, has a huge science fascination. I guess it makes sense, as she she is magic… so science must seem out of this world to her. Well, Tuesday nights she sneaks off to her hometown in the Cotton Candy Kingdom and meets up with her Science Club. Yes, Science Club… a club full of magical and mythical creatures, who get together, to talk about things like carbon dating, the periodic table, formulas…. you know, all the stuff that they don’t really need to worry about because they can fly, grant wishes, and basically do anything that they want, with no physical forces or science stopping them in anyway. But hey– I am 28 years old and still listen to the Jonas Brothers on a regular basis, so who am I to judge? read more

  • Homemade Window Stickers

    Today me and my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, went on a trip to the Cotton Candy Kingdom (where she grew up) to visit her friends and family. They are always doing all sorts of magical favors for us. For example, remember that one time that Sprinkles was having sleepless nights due to being afraid of monsters/nightmares and they helped me make Monster Spray and Magic Milk Potions to help her rest well at night? Not to mention all of the holiday perks we get from being friends with all the famous holiday icons. Well, it was time for us to return the favor.

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  • Unicorn Printing

    Yesterday was a dreary day in New York. My pet unicorn and I decided to stay home, make hot chocolate and watch Netflix. It was an amazing plan… but then our wifi went out. Thank goodness that when your wifi goes out… your hot chocolate doesn’t have to go out too. We took our chocolatey mugs and opened up the our craft cupboard in search of ideas. An afternoon of being creative is always an excellent option in our apartment. However, since we are always making one thing or another, we wanted today to be as laid back and simple as possible. My unicorn pulled out a ball of yarn that was different shades of pinks, purples, and blues. It was very pretty. Actually, it looked just like her cousin, Sparkle’s, mane and tail. That is what prompted us to do some “Unicorn Printing”. It is super simple. So simple in fact, that I really don’t need to give you a tutorial. Here are some examples and a list of what we used. Have fun!

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  • Secret Scribbles

    Please don’t get me wrong– I love living with my pet unicorn. Who doesn’t love a pet who can zap magic rainbow sprinkles on top of your cupcake when you’re all out at home? She is the best. Sometimes I feel like I have to try really hard to come up with activities that will impress her. I know it may sound silly… but she is magical… so I guess it would natural to assume that not much would impress her. Wrong. She is super laid back and loves pretty much everything. I think because she has been magic her whole life, being magic is normal, and being “normal” is exciting? Anyhow… I decided rather than just have an typical evening painting together…. I would make something slightly more fun. I ran into my room while she ate her cupcake and made a fun secret picture for her to “decode”. I called them our “Secret Scribbles”. It was really fun to watch her discover what each one contained. You should totally give it a try!

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  • Kids “Stained Glass” Window

    This weekend it was freezing in New York. Freezing. My pet Unicorn decided to head out of town and over to the Cotton Candy Kingdom to visit her parents for days. I wish I could have taken a few days off and went with her– it is always summer there. But alas… I could not. On Saturday afternoon one of my best little kid friends came over to hang out and to be creative with me. She is the best. We decided to make a “stained glass window” in my living room. I must say… I love it! If you are not afraid of a little mess and have the patience for cleaning your windows when you are done enjoying it, then this is a great project for you!

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