be kind


    Through instilling kindness, we create change.

    Everyday that I walk through the door of my nanny families home, I ask myself how I can be of most service to them that day and how to help foster the values that will allow them to lead the best lives possible. Over the years as showing up for families and children as a nanny, or as I view it, an extension of their parents, I’ve found that those values can shift given what it is that each family needs the most at the time. Although there are many values that I foster and that are organically integrated into the work that I do, one that has been woven through every relationship that I have built is my deep desire to show up in this world with kindness and to help others foster the same.

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  • Project Love in Color

    I am so passionate about loving and being kind to others. You never know what someone maybe going through in a day. I am also passionate about creativity and imagination. So with that… Love In Color was born. Love In Color is hands down my favorite corner of my blog. It’s where I post ideas on how you can make encouraging creative crafts to help color your world into a brighter and better place. What better thing to do during family time than teaching your little ones the importance of kindness? Not much. Here is a post full of some of my favorite random acts of kindness over this past year. I hope that it inspires you :)

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