• Rainbow Breathing Unicorn Craft

    I always know when Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) is coming down with a cold. She can’t hide it. You see, when unicorns are sick, they breathe rainbows. Their snot is also rainbow. I know– being a unicorn is so much fancier than being a person sometimes. Especially when it comes to being sick.

    One afternoon while trying to come up with a craft idea for the week and making chicken soup for my sick unicorn, it hit me! Rainbow Breathing Unicorns! If your little one loves them some unicorns, this craft is perfect. Read on. :)

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  • Enchanted Bath Fizzies

     Over the past 12+ years as a nanny, bath time has either been loved or loathed by the children that I care for. I am always up for some fun ways to make bath time more fun (especially for the littles who don’t care for it.) This project is just the ticket! Plus it’s all natural and full of soothing essential oils. Perfect!


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