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  • Enchanted Sensory Bottle

    Hi! It’s me, Sprinkles. I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and the intern here at Colors Are Magic. I’m so glad you stopped by! This week while Nickey is out nannying one of our littlest friends, I am going to share a fun sensory play project with you.

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  • Fossilized Dino Eggs

    Hi! It’s me, Sprinkles. For those of you who are new to the blog, I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and the intern here at Colors Are Magic. I am so happy that I get to share this post with you!

    Summer vacation is upon us! If you are living in another hemisphere, ignore that statement.  😉 I know it is currently not summer or winter where I from. The Cotton Candy Kingdom is a magical land and it is currently fall there. All of the Gum-ball Trees are currently dropping their delicious bubble gum. Anyhow- If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere on planet read more

  • Pancake Art

    Spring is here! I love spring so much. You see, unicorns are allergic to fall because that’s when things die and lose their vibrant colors- which we unicorns need to keep our immune systems up. Spring is when everything re-blooms and is full of color. While Nickey is off with itchy eyes and sneezing her little human head off, I am thriving. I feel sorry for her since she loves the weather and all the booming flowers– but she is not able to really enjoy them. Allergies are the pits.  read more

  • Easter Bunny Snot

    Hi! Its me, Sprinkles! I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and the intern here at Colors Are Magic. I am so happy to be sharing an Easter post with you this week! I am not sure if you read our last post, but Nickey told a story about how the Easter Bunny taught us to make some Easter Peeps Dough. We ran into him on our weekend trip to the Cotton Candy Kingdom. Well, it just so happened that it was that same visit that inspired this post too!

     You see, the Easter Bunny is allergic to vegetables. He can only eats chocolates and Easter candies– and Nickey happened to be snacking on some cut up cucumbers. We were not aware of his allergies at this point. He sneezed a crazy big sneeze  (I apologize in advance for the TMI), and his snot when everywhere!  Once we saw the St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun sneeze and his snot was glittery and had shiny green clovers in it! Well, the Easter Bunny is no exception. His snot was iridescent, sparkly, and full of tiny pastel Easter eggs!

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  • Unicorn Dough

    Growing up as a young unicorn in the Cotton Candy Kingdom was epic. Most of it is made of candy. It’s magical. Everything is crazy loud colors. I guess interning with Nickey at Colors Are Magic just made sense… and made the USA feel more like home.

    I know it is probably not easy to grasp this concept as a human… but I actually find ordinary things more exciting than magical ones. I mean, I can zap anything into existence with my horn… but humans make things out of their hands. I find t much more impressive. Nickey knows how much I love play dough, so this week we made a new batch of it and she suggested it be unicorn themed! I love it! It even smells like root beer (which is totally fitting, as that is what our rivers are made of)!

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  • Creating with Candy

    Hi! It’s me, Sprinkles! I am Nickey’s pet unicorn, and the intern here at, Colors Are Magic.

    Today I want to talk about…CANDY! I am sure that you have been seeing more of it than you wish to around your house due to Valentine’s Day… and guess what? Easter is just around the corner! So I thought it would be great to put together a little post about some fun ways you can use up that candy with your kids without having to consume all of it. Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only parent who sneaks a taste of their kid’s candy when they are sleeping. I know many of them!

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  • Whipped Hearts

    Hey! It’s Sprinkles (Nickey’s pet unicorn).

    Oh, Valentine’s Day. I know that for some people it is a bit depressing at times (I have been there– there aren’t very many unicorns in Colorado)… but I am not gonna lie…  I love it when the aisles fill up with a thousand shades of pink and hearts. It’s so pretty! One of our Valentine’s traditions is to make extra chocolatey hot chocolates and topping them with some beautiful and super yummy whipped hearts. They are perfect if you are having a Valentine’s Day or “Gal-entines Day” party!


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  • 10 Fun Homemade Valentines

    Hi! It’s me, Sprinkles! I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and intern here at Colors Are Magic. I am sure you are all well aware that Valentine’s Day is upon us! Also my favorite day… the day after Valentine’s day (when all of the chocolate and candy is 90% off). Ever since I moved to America from my hometown in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, I can’t seem to get enough chocolate. I guess it makes since.. I was named after my mother’s favorite food group… sprinkles.

    In light of the upcoming holiday, I thought I would put together a little list of some fun homemade Valentine ideas for you to do with your kiddos. I hope you enjoy them!


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  • Magic Marbled Paper

    Hi, it’s me, Sprinkles!! I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and intern here at, Colors Are Magic. Nickey had to go on a trip to get us some much needed supplies, so I will be sharing one of my favorite crafts for today’s post. It’s a huge honor to post for you today as today is our 100th POST! I know, crazy. I feel like I should invite you all over for a cupcake party and we can all throw glitter around like confetti. Although, they maybe difficult to clean up.

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