• Weddings with Kids

    Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so absent the past month on the blog. Sprinkles and I packed up and went on a much needed vacation. I am so excited to get back on our blogging schedule and have some more fun with you all. : ) Today is the day!

    We were away the month of June (aka wedding season) and, yes, we had a couple weddings to attend– which naturally got my wheels turning about how to make celebrating weddings more fun for the kiddos. Weddings can be very long days for little humans. Here are some fun ways to include you smallest guests and celebrate into the night!

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  • The Summer Savvy Nanny

    Oh, summer vacation how I love/loath thee. On one hand you are full of fun summer excursions– the zoo… the beach… Disneyland. On the other hand there are often a lot of “I’m boooooored” (s) that seem to transpire into the atomsphere. Regardless… I do love summer. Over the years I found that summers as a nanny require a little bit of savviness. So here are some things that I love to do when the kiddos are home for the summer (and a few things I discovered while writing this post that I most definitely will be implementing in the future)!

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