Earth Day

  • I Heart Earth Day

    It’s April… and this weekend we had a blizzard. Thank you, Colorado (she said sarcastically, as she was really enjoying the warm weather). So, in preparation for the blizzard, I ran down to our Natural Grocers to pick up a few items. At least I would have some delicious snacks to get through the storm. As I was walking into the front doors, I noticed that someone had painted a giant “Earth Day is April 22nd” mural on the sliding glass doors. I had completely forgotten to put Earth Day into my craft calendar. Please… forgive me. Ha! I have had a lot going on the past 2 months.

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  • 20 Fun Earth Day Ideas for Kids

    I love our planet… it is seriously amazing. I have always had a “wanderlust bug”. I just love traveling and experiencing all our earth has to offer. It is not only full of oceans, mountains, desserts, rain forests, lakes, rivers, glaciers, volcanos, islands (I could go on)… but is also full of life! There are 7 billion people calling Earth home right now, as well as a plethora of animals, plants, insects, and all sorts of fun things! It is so important that we love and care for our planet so there is something beautiful to pass onto the next generation. Here are some fun ideas I stumbled upon to help you celebrate while you teach your kiddos about our planet this Earth Day.


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