• Sand Dough

    Summer has been great so far. Sprinkles and I have had fun traveling, visiting friends and family, and being in the sunshine! However, we have not made it to the beach yet. I have lived at the beach a few times before I met Sprinkles in Central Park, so I get a little sad when I am away from it for too long. So we decided to bring the beach to us… with Sand Dough! Now we can make our own sand castles at your dining room table…. and so can you and your kiddos!


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  • Pixie Dough

    It’s been rainy here in Colorado the past few days… and as a result, Pixie Dough was born. #MyLittleSweetPotatoPie loved it! I consider it a win whenever something entertains her for more than 10 minutes– and we played with our Pixie Dough for almost a whole hour. Win.

    It is really easy to make. In fact you may already have the ingredients laying around the house. I am not sure why, but the cheaper the conditioner the better the result. That is why I have listed Suave. I like using it for this project the best.

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  • Cotton Candy Sensory Play

    When you think of Cotton Candy, I am sure you have fond memories of going to the fair, carnival or perhaps the beach boardwalk. I have fond memories of those things too. However, when you have a pet unicorn who grew up in a magical land called, The Cotton Candy Kingdom, you get all sorts of extra sweet memories. Pun intended.

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  • Magic Crayon Salt Dough

    One of our favorite things to do at Colors Are Magic is to meltdown crayons. There are so many more possibilities than just coloring in the lines when it comes to a pack of crayons– although we do love to color. :) Here is one of my favorite ways to meltdown crayons.

    Note: This craft I would recommend for older children as they will need to be able to color on the very warm dough without burning themselves. Make sure you supervise this project. 

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  • Easter Doh

    Right after the new year, Sprinkles and I went to The Cotton Candy Kingdom for a much needed getaway. It’s nice that her parents live there– so we know we always have a place to stay. We did our usual thing; a hike up Hot Fudge Mountain, sodas with Buttercream Fairy, and of course collecting Skittles during spring rainbow showers. But this trip I decided to attend an art class. Being that everything in the Cotton Candy Kingdom is magic– I figured an art class would be pretty out of this world!

    The day that I went, the Easter Bunny just so happened to be teaching the class. On his “off season” he enjoys having a creative outlet. That day he was teaching about how to make Easter Dough. I am going to pass on the recipe. Now, obviously you aren’t going to be able to find pixie dust and mermaid scales at Walmart… so unfortunately, your dough will not come to life after using cookie cutter on it– BUT you will love it!

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  • Peeps Easter Dough

    You guys… it’s March. When did that happen?! Things have been a whirlwind here with Sprinkles and I, so this weekend we decided to head to her hometown in the Cotton Candy Kingdom. If you are new to this blog, Sprinkles is my pet unicorn. Her parents are the King and Queen of a magical kingdom and sometimes when we need to take a little break, we head over there to chill out.

    On Friday night after arriving we ran into our old friend the Easter Bunny (you run into all of holiday icons when you visit the Cotton Candy Kingdom). It’s not uncommon to find the Easter Bunny chilling out before Easter. I mean, it’s an incredibly big job to get all of those baskets distributed and eggs hidden. Santa has elves to help him, but the Easter Bunny rides solo. Anyway, he knows how much we love to create things and decided to give us a recipe for some fun Easter themed dough made from… Peeps!

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  • Leprechaun Dough

    As a lot of you already know, the St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun and I are actually pretty tight. For those of you who are not up to speed, my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, introduced us. Growing up in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, Sprinkles had the opportunity to meet many different holiday icons.

    Well, this year the St. Paddy’s Leprechaun stopped over to visit us on his way to his annual “Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Vacation” in the Cotton Candy Kingdom. I was in the middle of making some play dough for my niece, and thought it would be appropriate to try making some festive dough for our Leprechaun friend. If you would like to try making some for your own little leprechauns, I have left directions below. :)

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  • Unicorn Dough

    Growing up as a young unicorn in the Cotton Candy Kingdom was epic. Most of it is made of candy. It’s magical. Everything is crazy loud colors. I guess interning with Nickey at Colors Are Magic just made sense… and made the USA feel more like home.

    I know it is probably not easy to grasp this concept as a human… but I actually find ordinary things more exciting than magical ones. I mean, I can zap anything into existence with my horn… but humans make things out of their hands. I find t much more impressive. Nickey knows how much I love play dough, so this week we made a new batch of it and she suggested it be unicorn themed! I love it! It even smells like root beer (which is totally fitting, as that is what our rivers are made of)!

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  • Strawberry Silk-Dough

     So, I have a confession…. I love strawberries. I love the way they smell, the way they taste, the way they are cute and plump…. and the way they remind me of warm summer afternoons. There is a problem though… I am allergic to them. Only when they are raw. I know… it’s super annoying. Because of this bummer piece of trivia I look for ways to keep strawberries in my life with out having a break out.

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  • Harvest Dough

    Play dough! I absolutely love it. Autumn! I also absolutley love it. When you combine the two, the product is so good it makes my heart what to explode. This year Sprinkles and I decided to combine some season spices and such to create some wonderful smelling play doughs! Here are some of our favorite fall play doughs (aka “Harvest Doughs”). They smell amazing and one of them even sparkles! Your kids are sure to have fun playing with their special Harvest Doughs… and you will have time to clean up all of the Thanksgiving dinner dishes. Everyone wins.

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