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  • Fairytale “Stained Glass” For Kids

    I’ve always had a thing for stained glass. It’s so pretty! I love the way that is casts colors into the room when sunshine passes through it. I thought I had seen some pretty impressive stained glass in my travels…  then I got a pet unicorn. Sprinkles is from the Cotton Candy Kingdom. If you are a regular here at Colors Are Magic, you are well acquainted with our adventures to this magical land.

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  • Rainbow Breathing Unicorn Craft

    I always know when Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) is coming down with a cold. She can’t hide it. You see, when unicorns are sick, they breathe rainbows. Their snot is also rainbow. I know– being a unicorn is so much fancier than being a person sometimes. Especially when it comes to being sick.

    One afternoon while trying to come up with a craft idea for the week and making chicken soup for my sick unicorn, it hit me! Rainbow Breathing Unicorns! If your little one loves them some unicorns, this craft is perfect. Read on. :)

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  • Sharpie “Stained Glass” Night-lights

    My pet unicorn, Sprinkles, is very afraid of the dark. I guess it makes sense… unicorns are used to light and sparkles. At night we have a bedtime ritual. We brush our teeth, I read her a bedtime story, we spray under the beds with our Monster Spray, and then we turn on our homemade night-lights. If you have a little one who doesn’t love the dark, then you should totally try making a couple of these. :)

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    Sun catchers may just be something pretty we put in our houses here on earth, but in the Cotton Candy Kingdom they are used for much bigger things than decorations. You see, in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, sun catchers are used to actually “catch the sun” so it can be harvested for medicine or used in healthy recipes. Since my pet unicorn, Sprinkles moved away from the Cotton Candy Kingdom to live with me, it is important that we have ample sun catchers around our house to collect sunbeams to keep her happy and healthy.

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  • 10 Ways That Nannies Are Basically Unicorns

    I believe that all mothers have magical powers. It seems like when that kid comes out that are endowed will all sorts of crazy abilities. I am not a mother yet… but I will say, being a nanny has certainly upped my magic factor and I feel like I have acquired some honorary magic.  I am not gonna lie, it’s nice feeling like I have some sort of magic. Living with my pet unicorn Sprinkles is super fun… but obviously she is always in the spot light. My nanny powers may not be exactly what she can do… but they make me feel magical too!

    So here’s a toast to all my nannies (and mannies) out there. You are magic.

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    (A note from Nickey: I “met” Brooke on Instagram and I am so glad I did! Her heart for the nanny industry is infectious and her blog posts are always super on point. I am so honored that she took the time to write a guest post for Colors Are Magic and that she is able to let her creative side shine! Enjoy.)


    **Make sure to read through until the end. There is a special photo challenge I have created to go along with this article!**

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