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  • Essential Oils with Kids

    I love anytime I can incorporate essential oils into my nanny day. My mama always went the more natural route in raising us and I find that now more than ever I am very grateful for it. If you are looking for a few fun ways to incorporate essential oils into your little one’s playtime, bath time, or day in general, I have complied a little post for you explore some fun options.

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  • Enchanted Sensory Bottle

    Hi! It’s me, Sprinkles. I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and the intern here at Colors Are Magic. I’m so glad you stopped by! This week while Nickey is out nannying one of our littlest friends, I am going to share a fun sensory play project with you.

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  • Nickey’s Bookshelf {Chapter 8}

    Welcome back to my bookshelf! For those of you who are new to Colors Are Magic, this is the little corner of the web where I share the books that I have been collecting over my 12 years as a nanny or books that I have on my “must get” list.

    This weekend I went to my happy place. The children’s section at Barnes and Noble. I made a stack of books that I have been meaning to read… and I did. These were my 5 favorites of the day! If you are looking for a few new books to plop on your little one’s bookshelf- look no further. I have got some cute ones for ya.

    Let’s do this.

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  • Sand Dough

    Summer has been great so far. Sprinkles and I have had fun traveling, visiting friends and family, and being in the sunshine! However, we have not made it to the beach yet. I have lived at the beach a few times before I met Sprinkles in Central Park, so I get a little sad when I am away from it for too long. So we decided to bring the beach to us… with Sand Dough! Now we can make our own sand castles at your dining room table…. and so can you and your kiddos!


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  • 12 Bubble Wrap Crafts & Activities for Kids

    We currently moved houses and there has been a whole lotta boxes and bubble wrap in my life. Everywhere. And even though I am “all grown up” now, I still find myself loving to pop bubble wrap just like when I was a kid. Only now it feels more like a sort of stress reliever more than anything. So, as I was sitting on my new bedroom floor, unpacking boxes, and popping bubble wrap in between my fingers… I was inspired to post.

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  • Weddings with Kids

    Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so absent the past month on the blog. Sprinkles and I packed up and went on a much needed vacation. I am so excited to get back on our blogging schedule and have some more fun with you all. : ) Today is the day!

    We were away the month of June (aka wedding season) and, yes, we had a couple weddings to attend– which naturally got my wheels turning about how to make celebrating weddings more fun for the kiddos. Weddings can be very long days for little humans. Here are some fun ways to include you smallest guests and celebrate into the night!

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  • Grow A Rainbow

    You maybe wondering where rainbows actually come from.  I know in school they tell you that rain and sunlight equal rainbows… but I am here to tell you that there is more to it. As many of you know, I have a pet unicorn named Sprinkles. She is the best. One of the perks of having a magical creature living under your roof is the getting to go on vacations to where they grew up. She is from the Cotton  Candy Kingdom (where her parents are the king and queen- another perk). One day she took me to their magical botanical garden and I was mesmerized by what I saw.

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