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  • Green

    Just a little glimpse into some of my summer vacation! Missing you all… but loving the rest. I hope you are all having fun and colorful summers! (Or winters… whichever hemisphere you may live in. 😉 )


    We went on a hike into the color green, as the clock struck 4:15.

    Our backpacks filled with water and treats. And hiking shoes on most of our feets.

    Waterfalls here and there…. lush green forest everywhere.

    Ferns that carpet the forest floor and mossy logs to go explore.

    Green above, green below, green reflects on water that flows.

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  • Treasure Rocks

    Sprinkles and I love going on treasure hunts! Pretending to be pirates is a personal favorite of mine. We dress up in eye patches, pirates hats, and set sail on an epic adventure. That being said, first official day of summer is just around the corner (but it sure is feeling summery already!) Here is a super fun project to do it just so happen to be hosting a Pirate or Neverland birthday party this summer– or if you just want to have a fun afternoon in your backyard with the littles. This project does take quite a few hours to finish, so if you are going to do it, I recommend making it all the night before the party or your playtime.

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  • Science Paint

    My pet unicorn, Sprinkles has always had a knack for science. She was always at the top of her class in the Cotton Candy Kingdom (CCK). Now, science in the CCK is very different than it is here- their experiments often lead to creating magical potions and some experiments actually come life! It’s so cool. One time Sprinkles and I went over to her friend’s place to tutor his little brother with science fair project. We mixed some singing flowers, fairy dust, river soda and mermaid scales together in little jars and we created… Science Paint! It was crazy beautiful… AND everything that we painted with it came to life or would begin to sing songs. Basically the coolest thing ever.

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