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  • Homemade Kool-Aid Lipgloss

    Today Sprinkles (my pet unicorn), and I played dress up. I know it may sound stereotypical, but we but love to dress up as princesses. Yes…. tiaras, glitter, dresses…. we love it all. You should see us when we go to’s pretty insane.

    Well, today we decided that we need to have some pretty princess make-up, but we were out of lipgloss. So, here is a recipe that we came up with to make our lips taste sweet and look like royalty. It is super simple– you should totally give it a try. read more

  • Paintsicles

    It was hot a few days ago. You know, the kind of day that is definitely “Popsicle weather”? Listen– Sprinkles and I will find any excuse that we can to have a popsicle (or 12…ha!).

    Well, as we were sitting there enjoying our brilliantly rainbow popsicles and loving life, I had an idea. What if we could paint with them? Those sweet and vibrant colors would look so great on paper! Popsicle paint….. Paintsicles! Paintsicles are fun and beautiful…. however they are not edible– so do not let your little ones stick them in their mouths! read more

  • Salted Space Paintings

    This week, my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, decided to teach me a thing or two in the crafting department. It all started a few nights ago during our bedtime routine. We take turns reading or telling each other stories before bed every night. This particular night, Sprinkles, told me of a magical field in the Cotton Candy Kingdom where she would go as a young unicorn and watch as a rainbow meteor shower would happen. She told me that as you sat in the middle of this field, meteors would explode into a rainbow dust all around you and everything it touched would look like a rainbow starburst. I wanted to see it very badly. Unfortunately, these showers only happened in the springtime. Of course I was disappointed to hear that I had such a long wait ahead of me– but Sprinkles had a great idea. She found a way for me to get a bit of an idea of what the field would look like. You should totally try it for yourself! read more