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  • 20 Fun Earth Day Ideas for Kids

    I love our planet… it is seriously amazing. I have always had a “wanderlust bug”. I just love traveling and experiencing all our earth has to offer. It is not only full of oceans, mountains, desserts, rain forests, lakes, rivers, glaciers, volcanos, islands (I could go on)… but is also full of life! There are 7 billion people calling Earth home right now, as well as a plethora of animals, plants, insects, and all sorts of fun things! It is so important that we love and care for our planet so there is something beautiful to pass onto the next generation. Here are some fun ideas I stumbled upon to help you celebrate while you teach your kiddos about our planet this Earth Day.


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  • Nickey’s Bookshelf {Chapter 3}

    Hello. Happy April, and welcome back to my bookshelf!

    If you are new to this blog, this is my little corner of the web to share some of my favorite children’s books I have collected over the past 11 years as a nanny (or have put on my wish list). If you have read the same books on your kid’s bookshelf to them 873 times this week and need a little change in your life, check these out.

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  • Colorful Sensory Play with Baby

     I know a lot of my activities and projects are geared more towards elementary aged kiddos, so here is one for the babies! They definitely do not need to miss out on all of the fun. This is my 11th year being a nanny (geez!) and I have cared for my fair share of tiny humans. When I first started working with little ones I figured that I would just have to wait until they got bigger to do fun activities. False! Lets have some fun and get those fine motor skills cruising. Here are a couple of my favorite things to do with the babies that I look after.

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  • Adopt A Chick

    **Welcome to Love In Color! Where you help to color your world into a brighter and better place. Here is where I will post Love In Color challenges. These challenges will be fun and creative ideas that you can do with your kids (or by yourself!) to bring smiles, joy, and encouragement to your neighborhood and the rest of your world. Make sure you post your Love In Color challenges on social media (I myself am a Instagram-aholic. It’s a word.) and tag me/hash tag #colorsaremagic #projectloveincolor. I can’t wait to see all the magic you bring and may even repost your photos on my blog. Happy coloring!!**


    Oh, Easter! I just love you and your fun colors. Also… how cute are bunnies and baby chicks? Answer: VERY. I decided that for this Love In Color project I would do a a chick adoption. It was super simple and was so fun to watch the kids light up while choosing an egg. I thought about hiding the eggs all over the park, but I thought baskets maybe a better plan so parents could help monitor the number of eggs each kiddo got. Sharing is caring! If you would like a fun Easter themed activity to do with your kids this weekend you should totally try this!


    Here is a little shopping list for ya:

    – Plastic Easter eggs

    – Little toy/craft chicks (I got mine at Michael’s)

    – An Easter basket (I used x2 small)

    – Easter grass (optional)

    – Canvas or poster board

    – Markers

    IMG_1225 IMG_1228 IMG_1236

    Here is what to do:

    1.) Stuff each of your plastic eggs with a little chick.

    2.) Line the bottom of your basket(s) with the Easter grass and arrange your eggs on top.

    3.) Make a sign with a fun message using your canvas or poster board. I used a small canvas. Here is what my sign said:


    These eggs fell out of the Easter Bunny’s basket! The baby chicks inside need homes. Pick a chick to love and give it a creative name. Instagram a picture of your chick and it’s name with the hashtag #ProjectLoveInColor to be entered to win a fun giveaway! Love, _@colorsaremagic_

    (Obviously, you do not have to do a challenge and giveaways if you don’t want to… I did it for Color Are Magic :)

    4.) Take your Love In Color project and leave it some where in your neighborhood/community. I left this one on a playground before school got out. Sometimes my Love In Color projects are for everyone, but I felt this one would be most appreciated by little humans– kids love a good Easter egg.


    I hope you are having a beautiful spring (even if it is taking it’s sweet time warming up in a lot of places) and have the best Easter ever! I would love to see your chick adoptions! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and to hashtag #projectloveincolor so I can find you. You never know… there maybe a little prize coming your way. x