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  • Melting Crayon Easter Eggs

    Easter is nearly here! My pet unicorn and I are very excited for a little warm weather. New York has seriously been having some bipolar weather as of late. So, while the freezing winds were gusting the other day, we snuck off for some much needed relaxation and warm weather in the Cotton Candy Kingdom (where my unicorn grew up). You see, my unicorn’s parents are the the King and Queen of the Cotton Candy Kingdom, and it totally has it’s perks. While we were there, her mother was having rainbow high tea with the Easter Bunny. I just love the Easter Bunny. He’s so cuddly and smells like chocolates and jellybeans.

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  • Peeps S’mores

    Here is a fun way to use up those Peeps that will inevitably make it into your children’s Easter baskets and backpacks this spring. It’s just like making a regular s’more… except it has a pinch of rainbow melted in the middle. Sweet and simple.


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  • Unicorn Printing

    Yesterday was a dreary day in New York. My pet unicorn and I decided to stay home, make hot chocolate and watch Netflix. It was an amazing plan… but then our wifi went out. Thank goodness that when your wifi goes out… your hot chocolate doesn’t have to go out too. We took our chocolatey mugs and opened up the our craft cupboard in search of ideas. An afternoon of being creative is always an excellent option in our apartment. However, since we are always making one thing or another, we wanted today to be as laid back and simple as possible. My unicorn pulled out a ball of yarn that was different shades of pinks, purples, and blues. It was very pretty. Actually, it looked just like her cousin, Sparkle’s, mane and tail. That is what prompted us to do some “Unicorn Printing”. It is super simple. So simple in fact, that I really don’t need to give you a tutorial. Here are some examples and a list of what we used. Have fun!

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  • Melting Rainbow Glaciers (Sensory Play)

    I grew up in Alaska. Yes, Alaska. Sometimes when I was a kid and went outside in the winter, my snot would freeze. Yeah… that’s how you know it’s cold out.  A few years ago I took my pet unicorn on a trip up north to see where I grew up. While we were there she was able to see her first glacier. She was intrigued. I mean, she did keep calling it an avalanche… (bless her heart)… but she loved it all the same. One evening we were outside sipping hot chocolate with my family and just enjoying the scenery, the sun was setting. It casting pinks and purples onto the water and making sparkles everywhere. It was magical. My unicorn made a comment that it would be cool to see a rainbow glacier. It would be so bright and colorful that when the sun shined on it, it would cast rainbows all over the mountains like a giant sun catcher and swirl colors into the sea as it melted. I thought it was a beautiful idea.

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  • Leprechaun Snot

    As a lot of you already know, the St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun and I are actually pretty tight. For those of you who are not up to speed, I have a pet unicorn and she introduced us. Growing up in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, my unicorn had the opportunity to meet many different holiday icons. She is close with pretty much all of them and the Tooth Fairy is even her Godmother. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, the Leprechaun comes over to our apartment and celebrates a few traditions with us. (You can click here to check them out.) One year while he was making us some of his famous Lucky Charms pancakes, he had to sneeze. He looked away and didn’t sneeze on our breakfast (thank God), but he did sneeze on my cabinet door. Well, I thought that Cupid and my unicorn were the only things alive that had pretty snot… but I guess I was wrong. Maybe only human snot is gross? Ughhh… let’s not get crazy. Anyway…. it was shimmery and had tiny shiny clovers in it! So I thought I would make a few adjustments to the Cupid’s Snot recipe and help you create some fun St. Patrick’s Day Slime for your kiddos to enjoy.

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  • Leave out some treats for the Leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day…

    St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Time to start looking for something green to wear so you don’t get pinched, right? While my pet unicorn and I do wear green on St. Paddy’s day, we have a little more fun than that. You see, as I have mentioned in previous posts, The Cotton Candy Kingdom (where my pet unicorn is from), is a huge vacation spot for all mythical creatures and holiday icons. That being said, over the years we have developed a pretty good relationship with the St. Paddy’s Day Leprechaun and his whole family. While he isn’t able to visit every single home individually like Santa (he doesn’t have a magical sleigh and reindeer), he does make a pit stop at our house every year… and boy is it fun! I have put together a list of our St. Patrick’s traditions that we have with the Leprechaun and step by step ways for you too to create a little Irish magic in your home.

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  • Nickey’s Bookshelf {Chapter 2}

    Last month I started a series called “Nickey’s Bookshelf”, due to my obsession with collecting children’s books. So every month I will post 5 of the children’s books on my shelf or ones that I love and am waiting to acquire.

    This week I thought I would post 5 of my favorite classic picture books. Since it is Dr. Seuss’s birthday, he will definitely be getting 2 shout-outs.  I am sure many of you will have read most of these growing up (maybe not)… so enjoy your giant cup of nostalgia as we take a trip down Memory Lane.

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