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  • 25 kids who are already cooler than I am.

    Oh, Pinterest… how I loveth/hateth thee. You are there for me when I need a quick and creative recipe for dinner and you have 1,000’s of DIY ways for me to solve a problem. However… you also show of the many, many, many things in life that I didn’t even know that I wanted until I scrolled through your many boards and pins.

    One of my favorite things to pin is pictures of children’s fashion. Lets be real– everything looks cuter on a baby or a kid. People tell me it is because everything is smaller, and little things are cute. I guess that could be the reason… but I am sure there is something magical thing I am missing. Anyway, here are 25 kids who (seriously) are already cooler than I am:

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  • Secret Scribbles

    Please don’t get me wrong– I love living with my pet unicorn. Who doesn’t love a pet who can zap magic rainbow sprinkles on top of your cupcake when you’re all out at home? She is the best. Sometimes I feel like I have to try really hard to come up with activities that will impress her. I know it may sound silly… but she is magical… so I guess it would natural to assume that not much would impress her. Wrong. She is super laid back and loves pretty much everything. I think because she has been magic her whole life, being magic is normal, and being “normal” is exciting? Anyhow… I decided rather than just have an typical evening painting together…. I would make something slightly more fun. I ran into my room while she ate her cupcake and made a fun secret picture for her to “decode”. I called them our “Secret Scribbles”. It was really fun to watch her discover what each one contained. You should totally give it a try!

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  • Rainbow Rain

    I love a rainy day, they are SO cozy. They make the air smell so fresh, I love the sound… and there is something about sitting in my jammies, sipping on hot tea, and having a blank canvas in front of me. I just seem to be my most creative on rainy days. Rainy days maybe wonderful in New York, but they are even better in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, where my pet unicorn is from. The clouds are made of cotton candy (obviously) and the rain is made of rainbow colored soda. It is seriously amazing… if you ever get the chance to visit, it will blow your mind. So, after some playing around with a few things laying around the house, my unicorn and I have figured out how to recreate our own Rainbow Rain here in NYC. You can enjoy it too, just have a look below.

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  • Free Valentines

    **Welcome to Love In Color! Where you help to color your world into a brighter and better place. Here is where I will post Love In Color challenges. These challenges will be fun and creative ideas that you can do with your kids (or by yourself!) to bring smiles, joy, and encouragement to your neighborhood and the rest of your world. Make sure you post your Love In Color challenges on social media (I myself am a Instagram-aholic. It’s a word.) and tag me/hash tag #colorsaremagic #projectloveincolor. I can’t wait to see all the magic you bring and may even repost your photos on my blog. Happy coloring!!**

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  • Nickey’s Bookshelf {Chapter 1}

    Those who know me, know my obsession with children’s books. Especially picture books. I love them. I may be an adult, but I get swept up into the adventure and magic just as I did when I was a kid. Sometimes on my days off from nannying, I go to a children’s book store, collect a pile of books, and sit on the floor and devour them all. So I have decided to do “Nickey’s Bookshelf”. Every month I will post 5 of the children’s books on my shelf or ones that I love and am waiting to acquire.

    Let us begin…

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  • Lavender Oil Play Dough

    As of late, I have been keeping a whole lot of veggies in my fridge. Last night my pet unicorn got up for a midnight snack and she had 3 carrots, 2 bell peppers, 1 head of lettuce, 3 beets, and 5 pieces of broccoli. You are probably wondering what the big deal is. Veggies are super healthy. Well, normally you would be right, but veggies have the same effect on a unicorn as a bag of Halloween candy would have on a child. She was bouncing off the walls. I have never seen anything like it in my life. So, I came up with a plan…. Lavender.

    Lavender oil has many different healing properties, but the thing it’s known for the most is that it is calming. Now, my unicorn was way too wound up to do anything relaxing so I came up with a way to trick her into doing a calming activity: Playing with “Lavender Oil Play Dough”. Good news, it work for kids too.

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  • Kids “Stained Glass” Window

    This weekend it was freezing in New York. Freezing. My pet Unicorn decided to head out of town and over to the Cotton Candy Kingdom to visit her parents for days. I wish I could have taken a few days off and went with her– it is always summer there. But alas… I could not. On Saturday afternoon one of my best little kid friends came over to hang out and to be creative with me. She is the best. We decided to make a “stained glass window” in my living room. I must say… I love it! If you are not afraid of a little mess and have the patience for cleaning your windows when you are done enjoying it, then this is a great project for you!

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