I am sure that if you are a reader of blogs that you have a pretty good grasp about all the social media lingo and what not… but just in case you are a grandmother who has just confiscated an electric device from your grandkids, just asked Siri what a blog is, and ended up here… I will explain to you the meaning of the hashtag.

This is a hashtag: #

Beautiful isn’t it? Kind of makes me what to eat waffles. These waffles to be exact:


Anyhow, I digress. A hashtag is basically an easy way for people categorize, find, or join conversations on a particular topic. For example if I put a hashtag in front of the words “rainbow waffles” on say Instagram, (#rainbowwaffles) then when someone searched hashtags for rainbow waffles, my photo would show up in a global file where all the other tagged waffles are chillin.

Sometimes people will casually just drop a hashtag in conversation. Well, I’m not going to lie to you… I’m am guilty of dropping a hashtag in my day to day conversations. I feel like the number one hashtag on my charts is this: #NannyProblems. Oh, Nanny Problems. Yes, working with kids can be a total blast… But as all the parents and caregivers out there know– not everyday is rainbows and glitter.

Here are a few hashtags that I have occasionally used said aloud of have tweeted:

– Emptied my purse out on my bed. Pacifiers everywhere. #NannyProblems
– Caught myself soothing my shopping cart at Whole Foods. There is no baby is there, Nickey. #NannyProblems
– Go home at night still referring to myself in third person. #NannyProblems

– Designer baby clothes that have buttons instead of snaps. Logistical nightmare. #NannyProblems
– Colic. #NannyProblems
– Checking for head-lice. #NannyProblems
– Finding headlice. #NannyProblems
– Stepping on a Lego. There is no greater pain in this life. #NannyProblems
– Getting asked frequently if I am breast feeding. Thanks? #NannyProblems
– If I had a dollar for every time I asked this kid to wash his hands after using the bathroom I’d be RICH. #NannyProblems
– Summer vacation…. #Nanny Problems
– Clipping a babys nails should be an Olympic sport. #NannyProblems
– Using the bathroom in peace? What’s that? #NannyProblems

Oh there are so many more. But I have to leave some to blog about later. How about you nannies (and mannies)? What are some #Nanny(Manny)Problems that have you faced from day to day working with your kiddos? Laughter is the best medicine. I am convinced. Share away.

  1. Hahah this is so funny!! Love it! I have one nanny problem from today: takes out toy for two minutes, leaves toy to take out new toys. 20 minutes later I can’t see their floor #nannyproblem miss you :)

  2. ^ I realized above is not the best nanny problem haha. I have a better one: Strangers tell me “your daughter/son is so cute!” #nannproblem

    • Haha! Those are both definitely #NannyProblems. The worst is when you are trying to get the house clean before your boss comes home and they demolish it about 30 seconds before the front door opens. Miss you. x

  3. I got hired as a nanny yesterday. I have so much to look forward to! Ha!

    • Congratulations on the new job! Stop by anytime you need some inspiration, haha! xo


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