Creating with Cars

The past few years all of my nanny kids have been girls. I used to have loads of boys. But lately all of my crafts have been full of unicorns, hearts and glitter. Which don’t get me wrong… I LOVE. Well, now I have a nephew. So I have been thinking about fun things that I could do with him as he gets older that are slightly less girly. I know it’ll be quite a wait (he is only 2 weeks old)… but I can dream. Of course if you have little girls– they can totally do these projects too! I liked playing with cars when I was little too. :)

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Painting with Cars


Here is what you’ll need:

Toys cars/trucks

(Make sure they have “monster truck” wheels so that it is possible for the cars to run easily through the paint and not drag the bottom of the car.) 

Acrylic or tempera paint

Watercolor Paper or another thick kind of paper

For this project I set up 2 large pieces of watercolor paper and one of them I made “paint puddles” for the truck to drive through. Then I used the other sheet to just make colorful tracks with my monster truck.

IMG_0771 IMG_0763

After I use done driving my monster truck, I made a “car wash” by filling up a large Tupperware with warm water and dish liquid. Your littles will love it! If you want it to be legit, why not try making a cash wash sign and throw in a sponge and a tooth brush for them to scrub their cars and trucks?

IMG_0761 IMG_0772

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Marbling with Cars


Here’s what you’ll need…

– A sensory bin, baking dish (or tin foil)

– Barbasol shaving cream

– Food coloring

– Toy cars/trucks (with monster truck wheels)

– Spatula

– Watercolor paper or card stock

Let’s get started…

1.) I started by putting a small amount of Barbasol shaving cream on the bottom of my sensory bin and smoothened the top with a spatula. Remember that less is more with this project. If you use to much the car will not be able to “drive” throughout the cream. Honestly, you can use a piece of tin foil to lay out shaving cream out on, but I find that the having “walls” around it helps with the mess– especially if you have younger children.


2.) Using your food coloring, add a few drops of each desire color to the top of your shaving cream. I have found that if you go overboard with the food coloring it can take away from the marbled effect. I use about 3-5 drops of each color.


3.) Let your little one “drive” their car through the shaving cream to create some pretty colored patterns.


4.) Press your piece of paper or card stock down onto the shaving cream and


5.) After removing your paper, use a flat edge to scrape the excess cream off of your paper. Make sure to do it quickly after removing it from the shaving cream as the longer you let it sit the more your food coloring will begin to saturate your picture and your marble won’t be as clear as it could be. I placed my paper on a larger cutting board and used a spatula to scrape directly into the kitchen sink.

Happy driving!

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