Yogurt Finger Paint

I am always looking for/thinking about things to do with baby. Just because they are little doesn’t mean that they should miss out on all the fun! Recently while hanging out with #MyLittleSweetPotatoPie, I tried out a little nanny hack I had learned from a fellow nanny friend– finger painting with yogurt. It was golden. Not only did my little buddy’s artwork turn out lovely, but it didn’t matter if she licked because it it’s totally edible. She loved it and so did I! If you want a project that is baby friendly, cheap and totally easy to make… this is the project for you!

Here is what you’ll need:

Plain Greek Yogurt

Food Coloring

Small plastic containers 0r bowls


(Note: I recommend acrylic or watercolor paper as it is thicker and will not wrinkle or tear from the yogurt.)

IMG_0648   IMG_0647

Let’s get started:

1. Put a spoonful of greek yogurt into each of your plastic containers/bowls

2. Add 2 drops of food coloring to each cup. I only used 2 drops in each as I didn’t want to stain baby’s hands. It came right off the skin and made beautiful pastel colors on the paper. :)


3. Let your little one be an artist!

  IMG_0458   IMG_0467

IMG_0578 IMG_0649

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