Wishing Pumpkins

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Fall is finally here! It is by far my favorite season. Why wouldn’t it be? The leaves are all changing beautiful colors, I get to wear layers of warm and cozy clothes, and basically everything smells or tastes like pumpkins. I love pumpkins!

If you have been a long time follower of this blog, you will recall a post I did year called Unicorn Pumpkins. I explained why my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, does not love fall. Unicorns are allergic to this fabulous season. You see, fall to unicorns is like spring is to us. Some of them really struggle with allergies. These allergies are caused by saying goodbye to summer, flowers loosing their color, and the chill that comes and reminds them of winter. I bought last year’s pumpkins to decorate my apartment for fall— but unfortunately my pet unicorn had a reaction and sneezed all over them. You may not allow unicorns in the house as pets and still think their sneezes are beautiful. It’s a bizarre and semi gross (or completely gross)… but I promise you…. they are really pretty. Have a look at the Unicorn Pumpkins post and see for yourself. But, I digress.

This year, so as not to rile up Sprinkle’s allergies, I asked a fairy friend of mine in the Cotton Candy Kingdom (where Sprinkles grew up) to keep them in her magical flower garden until I found some good allergy meds for my Unicorn. Well, it just so happens that the magical flower’s pollen got all over my tiny white pumpkins…. and then were promptly rained on, causing the colorful pollen to swirl. Now the pumpkins are marvelously marbled…. and magic. Yep, magic. It just so happens that the flowers they were sitting under were ash granting flowers. So, now if you make a wish on one of these tiny pumpkins, they will come true. There’s only one wish per pumpkin— but it’s still pretty amazing. I decided to spread the love and hid them around the Colorado Springs area. If you find one– make a wish!

If you would like to making your own Wishing Pumpkins (for decoration), I have found a way to for you to create the same look, minus the magic pollen. Try it!


Here’s what you’ll need:

White Mini Pumpkins

Nail Polish

Paper Bowls



Here’s what to do:

1. Fill a paper bowl (I used paper bowls because it makes clean up 100% easier) with lukewarm water.

2. Drizzle a couple of your nail polish colors into the water.

3. Dip your pumpkins into the nail polish water and slightly roll. The nail polish will transfer a design form the water right onto your sweet little pumpkin.

4. Let dry & enjoy!


:) :) :) :) :)

See? Adorable. Here is how my little guys turned out:

      IMG_3664    IMG_3661

     IMG_3662    IMG_3663

Make sure if you find one of my Wishing Pumpkins to hashtag #colorsaremagic and share your wish! (They will still come true.) 😉

Happy Coloring!

Love, Nickey & Sprinkles xo

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