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Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so absent the past month on the blog. Sprinkles and I packed up and went on a much needed vacation. I am so excited to get back on our blogging schedule and have some more fun with you all. : ) Today is the day!

We were away the month of June (aka wedding season) and, yes, we had a couple weddings to attend– which naturally got my wheels turning about how to make celebrating weddings more fun for the kiddos. Weddings can be very long days for little humans. Here are some fun ways to include you smallest guests and celebrate into the night!

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Here we go….

How cute is this Lego bowl idea? A great way to keep those little hands occupied during long toasts and first dances. Maybe you could leave a challenge in each of the Lego Bowls. Ask the kids to build specific things… like a wedding chapel, a limo, or a wedding reception.

Photo Credit: Gemma Clarke Photography 


Milk & cookies toast!? I’m not gonna lie…. this is more appealing to me than champagne. They are even M&M cookies! The perfect alternative to let the kids at your wedding participate in the “grown up” moments.

Photo Credit: AveryHouse


I love this Glow Stick Bar! What kiddo doesn’t love a good glow stick? In fact… what grown up doesn’t love a good glow stick? Light up the night and your dance floor with glowing children! Maybe let the kiddos do a dance with in their glow sticks with the lights out?

Photo Credit: ChalkDesignsByMe 


Here are some delicious appetizers and snackies for your very own “Kids Open Bar“… :)

Mac & Cheese Pies all around! I haven’t met very many kids that will turn their noses up to Mac & Cheese. How cute are these?

Photo Credit: The Curvy Carrot 


Oreos are always a win! And depending on how you stage them… they can be quite a “fun elegant” little number.

(Left photo) by Southern Weddings (Right photo) by Rustic Folk Weddings

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Try setting up an Old Fashion Soda Bar. Not only is it age appropriate for your smaller guests… but it was add a beautiful pop of color to your reception. :)

Photo Credit: Project Wedding


You will more than likely have a few little guests who aren’t down with dancing in front of everyone. That’s ok! A game corner is a great alternative. You can set up pretty game tables or bean bags and let them do their thing.

Photo Credit: Ruby Wedding Design


I love this idea! In fact I love it so much that one day I am going to use it my own wedding. Make an I Spy “Scavenger Hunt” and include a disposable camera for each of the kids. Let them be wedding photographers and enjoy going through the pictures seeing your wedding through their eyes. They are sure not to disappoint!

by Ko Two Designs


Instead of having a traditional guest book to sign at your wedding, try a guest puzzle! Have your guests each sign and write down a piece of marriage advice on the back of each piece.

You can grab your own on Esty from BellaPuzzlesToo 


Rent an elegant white bounce house. Watch those fancily dressed little ones bounce their hearts out! As you can see, its also a great photo-op for the bride and groom.

Photo Credit: Joseph Hall 


Kids Only Dance! One of the weddings I was at while on vacation did this and it was the best! It’s so cute how proud all the kids were to have a moment to shine with the bride and groom. Play something fun that they know and cane ing a long with. You will not be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Offbeat Bride


Goodie bags or boxes are always a win. Fill them full of little games, coloring supplies, candy, and anything else easy and fun that you can come up with. There are all sorts of fun ways the stage kids tables and little goodie boxes make things even cuter. I love the way these crayons were staged in the picture below! #magical

Photo Credit: I Love Love Events 


I hope that some of these ideas were useful to those of you who are in full on wedding planning mode! If you have any other fun idea for kiddos at weddings feel free to post them in the comment section below! We would love to see them.

Well, that’s it for now. See you all on Friday!


Cheers to the happy couples who inspired this blog post! Thank you for having me at your special days! It was so much fun celebrating with you. 

Congrats, Eric & Ashley!

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Congrats, Brent & Janelle!

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