Unicorn Pumpkins

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Unicorns. They are basically the mascot for all things fun. And why wouldn’t they be? They are cheeky, mischievous, and they eat eat rainbows and glitter for breakfast. I am of course over the moon excited that fall has arrived. I love the leaves changing colors, pumpkin spiced everything and wearing oversized cozy sweaters. My pet unicorn however is not a fan of fall. You see, fall to unicorns is like spring is to us. Some of them really struggle with allergies. These allergies are caused by saying goodbye to summer, flowers loosing their color, and the chill that comes and reminds them of winter. I bought these pumpkins to decorate my apartment for fall— but unfortunately my pet unicorn had a reaction and as you can clearly see sneezed all over them. You may not allow unicorns in the house as pets and still think these sneezed on pumpkins are beautiful. So I thought I would share an alternative for you and your family so that you maybe able to decorate brightly without having the responsibility of being a pet owner.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your beautifully bright pumpkins:


1.) A white pumpkin (The colors pop better on them. You can of course use another color pumpkin if your heart desires.)

2.) Crayons (This is also a great way to use up all those broken crayons in the bottom of the box that you debate about throwing out.)

3.) A Blow-dyer

4.) Newspaper or drop cloth

Lets get started!

1.) Start by setting your pumpkin on the drop cloth as melting the crayons will cause a mess. They dry quickly, but in the process there is will be quite a few drips and splats.

2.) Next you will need to select what color crayons you what to use and peel off all of the wrappers. Depending on the size of the pumpkin and how much “unicorn snot” you want on it will determine how many crayons you will actually need. On my largest pumpkin my unicorn sneezed 12 different shades.

3.) Use your blow dryer to melt one end of each crayon until it begins to look like it is about to drip. Press your partially melted crayon onto the pumpkin until it sits without being held down.

4.) In back and forth motions from top to bottom use the blow-dyer to melt your crayon down the edge of your pumpkin. You can also hold the crayon with the tip pressed to the top of your pumpkin and apply heat to have more color control.

5.) Set dry and it you want to… sprinkle with glitter!

Now you have beautifully bright and fun pumpkins that you can place on your steps or surprise your neighbors with like my unicorn and I did. If you’d like to help spread the love via social media as well, don’t forget to Instagram your pumpkins and hashtag #colorsaremagic and #projectloveincolor.

Done. Nailed it!

image image-6 image-4

  1. Ohhhhh WOW…neat idea, Nickey! Thank you for sharing your incredible pictures as well as line-by-line instructions on the “how”…toooooo fun! I saw some people buying “white” pumpkins the other day and thought “Ew…not my style!” Now, thanks to your creativity and “Colors Are Magic” instructions that’s NOT true…you made ’em my style! I can’t wait to do this project with my granddaughters! Lovin’ the rest of your amazing website and YOU girl, “Color me Happy Kim” in AK

    • Haha! Thanks, Kim! I hope you have fun making some Unicorn Pumpkins with your granddaughters :) xo

  2. These are my favorite! And love your little model 😉


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