Unicorn Printing

Yesterday was a dreary day in New York. My pet unicorn and I decided to stay home, make hot chocolate and watch Netflix. It was an amazing plan… but then our wifi went out. Thank goodness that when your wifi goes out… your hot chocolate doesn’t have to go out too. We took our chocolatey mugs and opened up the our craft cupboard in search of ideas. An afternoon of being creative is always an excellent option in our apartment. However, since we are always making one thing or another, we wanted today to be as laid back and simple as possible. My unicorn pulled out a ball of yarn that was different shades of pinks, purples, and blues. It was very pretty. Actually, it looked just like her cousin, Sparkle’s, mane and tail. That is what prompted us to do some “Unicorn Printing”. It is super simple. So simple in fact, that I really don’t need to give you a tutorial. Here are some examples and a list of what we used. Have fun!

IMG_1913 IMG_1914

What we used:

Construction Paper


Googley Eyes



Star Stickers



(and a pinch of unicorn magic! *wink)

  1. do you have a place you recommend getting craft supplies for a great price?

    • Honestly, I usually just run to Michael’s and take a coupon from online. They always have something on there. You can also pick up a lot of things for crafts at dollar stores. Good luck!


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