I have never liked creepy things… ever.  I was super sensitive to anything remotely scary and/or violent as a child. I had the biggest love-hate relationship with Halloween of all time. I loved dressing up and going trick-or-treating. I loved sorting my candy at the of the night into organized and categorized piles. I loved carving pumpkins and having class Halloween parties. I did not however enjoy scary masks. I have seen photos of me as a toddler and very small child dressed as a bumble bee or a bunny. One year I was Simba, from The Lion King. I am pretty sure that every costume after that I was an angel. Mainly because I figured out that I could basically wear 85% glitter and designed wings and a halo every year. Thinking back on it… costumes in Alaska were slightly useless as most Halloweens it was so cold we had to wear heavy winter coats over our costumes and the poor neighbors had to try and guess what we were from the neck up.

One year we went trick-or-treating with my cousins and one of them was dressed as Freddy Kruger. You would have thought it was the end of my life. No matter how many times the grown ups had him take off his mask and show me his face I was terrified. I jumped over the back seat of our minivan into the trunk and cried for what seemed like the whole evening. I do not like creepy things. I do like Tim Burton though…. a lot. So there ya go.

Most Halloweens I try and join the kids that I nanny for to go trick-or-treating. I love watching kids trick-or-treat… it’s the cutest. I love it when they try to run down the sidewalk in excitement and their costumes weigh them down (it makes them run wonky). So of course, as I was looking through options for me this Halloween I got side tracked and ended up having an entire evening of looking trough kids costumes. Here are some ridiculously adorable and clever Halloween costumes that I came across in the land of Pinterest. If you partake in Halloween… may you enjoy and be inspired! (They are in one particular order.)

1.) Elliot and & ET:


2.) The cutest little sushi roll in all of the land:


3.) This adorable butterfly:


4.) If I had a toddler… they would have to be the Colors Are Magic mascot (aka a Unicorn):


5.) Clever homemade jelly bean costumes:


6.) Lumpy Space Princess because I have an Adventure Time obsession:


7.) Mini Dwight K. Schrute (I love The Office!):


8.) (Amazing) Baby Sophia from Golden Girls:


9.) I love this little girly robot:


10.) Go trick-or-treating with your tall vanilla latte with whip:


11.) Because colors are my love and I have a thing for Crayola:


12.) This may just be the most amazing costume ever:


13:) Colors Are Magic and your little one’s costume can be too. Love this little rainbow:


14.) Max from Where the Wild Things Are:


15.) The most adorable Edward Scissorhands ever. Ever:


Have a fun and safe Halloween!

  1. baby edward scissor hands – YES

  2. little Dwight Shrute is cracking me up! 😀

  3. i mean mini Dwight K Schrute… oops 😀


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