The Summer Savvy Nanny

Oh, summer vacation how I love/loath thee. On one hand you are full of fun summer excursions– the zoo… the beach… Disneyland. On the other hand there are often a lot of “I’m boooooored” (s) that seem to transpire into the atomsphere. Regardless… I do love summer. Over the years I found that summers as a nanny require a little bit of savviness. So here are some things that I love to do when the kiddos are home for the summer (and a few things I discovered while writing this post that I most definitely will be implementing in the future)!

Water Balloon Cooler by The Stir


This is amazing! Maybe switch out any alcoholic beverages for juice boxes… #nannylife. :)  As your frozen water balloons melt, they are not only keeping your drinks cold, but making some sweet entrainment. Make sure the balloons are completely melted before having a water war! We don’t need any black eyes of bruises.

Aloe Cubes by The Stir


Sunburns suck. I hate them… and I am willing to wager that your littles do too. Make having a sunburn a little more “fun” by freezing aloe into shaped silicone molds. It’s always more fun to melt stars and hearts onto your burnt arm them just squeezing gel out of a tube.

Bubble Refill Station by La-La’s Home Daycare


This is a brilliant idea if you have little “bubble lovers”. Let them be independent and refill their own bubbles.

Picnic Party by The Red Tricycle 


I love any excuse to have a playdate. Nannying can be isolating when you are with little humans all day and don’t have any co-workers. This is a great idea to let your kiddos socialize during the summer and helping you get a little adult conversation. Have each nanny friend bring a little something  and have a summer “Picnic Party”!

Water Balloon Pump by Wowticles


Brilliant. I find that this helps eliminate fights over who is going to use the hose and some emending up crying. Make each “team” their own water balloon pumps for separate filling stations and let the water war commence!

Monster Bubbles by Colors Are Magic


This is one on all time summer favorites. Honestly, I find it therapeutic and sometimes blow Monster Bubbles on my time off, ha! Kids of all ages (even teenagers) will be entranced by these bubbles.

Lawn Art by She Calls Me Mama Leisha


I have not done this yet…but you can bet your bottom dollar I will be! If you have a little artist then an old white sheet, some tempera paint and brushes will be a perfect afternoon together outside.

Kids DIY Breakfast Station by Love + Marriage and a Baby Carriage


All the live-in nannies out there, this is for you! If you watch older kids, get a little extra sleep on those summer mornings with a homemade Breakfast Station. You’re welcome.

Stargazing/Fireworks Bed by The Dating Divas


Perfect for counting stars or watching some 4th of July fireworks. If one of your littles falls asleep… they are already in a little bed until it’s time to go home.

The “I’m Bored Jar” by Colors Are Magic


Hearing “I’m booooooooored” all the live long day can start to grate on your nerves. Here is a go to of mine to keep my littles engaged and entertained. I recommend all nannies have an “I’m Bored Jar” on hand.

Fitted Sheet Beach Blanket by Reddit 


I have been seeing this pop up in my Facebook feed a lot lately- and it looks brilliant! If you are a coastal or travel nanny you should totally give this a shot! The idea is that the fitted sheet help eliminate sand blowing into everything you own.

Glow In The Dark Water Balloon War by The Scrap Shoppe


I love doing this in swimming pools and just to spice up bath time a little. Super simple- just throw in some glow sticks.

Water Balloon Dart Painting by Julie with a Paintbrush


If you have seen The Princess Diaries, I am sure you have wanted to try this. It is on my summer vacation bucket-list this year. Make sure that you supervise and that your kiddos are older as this activity requires playing with darts.

Paint Slip-n-Slide by 1,000 Life Hacks


YES. I must try this! Stat!

Pack-N-Play with a Fitted Sheet by Little Baby Watson

Parenting Hacks 10

Bye-bye bug bites and sunburns! I loath folding fitted sheets– but they do have some handy qualities for your nannying needs.


I hope you are all having a great summer so far! To all my friends in the Southern Hemisphere who are wrapping up on their summer weather and sending the kiddos back to school, maybe bookmark this baby for next year!


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