The Only Thing I Trust, is Change

(A note from Nickey: Hi! I have started featuring guest bloggers once a month on, Colors Are Magic. I love to listen to stories from other nannies, parents and creatives. Life is so much better when we all do it together. I “met” Chelsea on Instagram. She has her own YouTube Channel called Practical Poppins. It’s a great place to learn more about nanny life and for nannies to connect with each other (you should totally check it out). I hope you enjoy this adorable and creative post as much as I did! 


by Chelsea Dawn

When our children are little
it’s all peek-a-boo and Playdoh.
Dandelions and toothaches.
Deciding one minute that they cannot survive without the red sippy cup, only to see that same sticky cup wave sadly to you from a forgotten corner two hours later;
filled with Cheerios that will go stale before they’re remembered.


When our children are little
it’s teething rings and warm bottles.
And before long those bottles turn into spoons too full with yogurt, or applesauce,
or strained peas; spoons that they wield with unsteady fingers.
Fingers that will not let you help them.
Fingers that cannot meet their hungry mouths no matter how determined they are;
and most of that first food ends up on the floor.
By the end of the day you, and that little child, have screamed and cried,
been wiped and bathed, and are in completely different clothes than either of you had started in-
but that day will still go down as a Victory.


In those early days when our children are little, we depend on change.
We depend on the thought that they will grow.
That they will be able to communicate, and hold their spoon,
and help you know them.

And they do.


Those little children grow so fast.
Changing into toddlers who’s fingers never sleep.
Who long for new ways to connect;
new stories
new songs
new art projects.
You sing to them “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “Old MacDonald”
and one day your little one, who’s not so little anymore,
makes up a new song to sing
to you.
So you learn their song.
You begin to follow their lead more and more-
watching them explore the world, helping where you’re needed,
but mostly hanging back,
just watching,
and savoring the view.

And again, they change.


Mornings which were once filled with finger-painting, and made-up songs
make way for hurried breakfasts over reading games.
You use building blocks not just for creating grand towers anymore, but also for making tactile math equations that,
you hope,
will help them begin to understand complex ideas that they will need to begin their academic lives.
You help your children spell their names and sound out words on signs that you see in your neighborhood.
Until one day something clicks.
C-A-T becomes Cat.
R-O-A-D becomes Road.
And your little one is reading anything and everything that they can see.

2012 pictures 387   IMG_4362 2

All at once, it seems that your baby is not a baby anymore.
They have changed in so many ways.
Some hardly noticeable,
And some so big that it makes your eyes well up and your throat catch every time you look at them.
Because they have grown into a new person.
A functioning, happy, hard-to-understand but oh-so-lovable little person who you hope and pray will keep growing,
and learning,
and turning
into someone who you’re not quite sure they’ll be yet.

Though, one thing is certain.

You can’t wait to see them change.




Chelsea Dawn (a.k.a. Practical Poppins) has been a professional Nanny for 7.5 years, and counting; and was a preschool teacher for 2 years prior. She has a B.A. in Theatre, and is currently using her creative skills, outside of entertaining a 4.5yr old, by making videos on Youtube at

  1. A proud Grandma is grateful for the opportunity Chelsea has been given to participate in this blog. Her poetry and wisdom are truly remarkable.
    Sally Collins

    • I love Chelsea’s nanny/creative heart! You should be proud. :) Thanks for taking the time to stop by! x


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