Textured Paint Rollers For Kids

It’s been super rainy here in Colorado the past few weeks, so my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, and I have been spending a lot of time in doors (and probably a little too much time hanging out with our good friend “Netflix”). Just like little kids, if Sprinkles watches too much TV and doesn’t have enough stimulation she gets a little cranky. So, while we were out at the grocery store with my parents the other night, I decided enough is enough and headed over to the craft section at Walmart.

I didn’t want anything too elaborate or expensive this week so I decided to show her how to make something that’s been a simple nanny trick of mine for a while now: Textured Paint Rollers. They are super easy and go not require a lot to make. It was perfect. We spent hours making colorful patterns and shapes… talking rather watching cartoons (don’t get me wrong– I do love my cartoons).

If you would like to give it go I have left instructions below.

Happy coloring.

  IMG_9022 IMG_9021

Here is what you will need:

– A lint roller

– Foam stickers

– Paints

– Paper

– Paint brushes (optional)

Here’s what to do:

1. Using your foam stickers create a pattern on your lint roller. (Note: If you do decide to use letters…. it is pretty tricky to write anything that isn’t backwards. Maybe just stick random letters all over and make an “alphabet roller”. We learned the hard way. Ha.)

2. Squeeze some paint onto an extra piece of paper and roll your “paint roller” through the colors. I actually find that the patterns are neater if you just paint your colors directly onto each of your foam stickers– but if you are doing this with kids they will probably appreciate the act of rolling it around and getting messy.

3. Roll your painted roller onto a piece of paper and watch your beautiful colored patterns appear! This is also fun to do on butcher paper and use as gift wrap for birthday parties, baby showers, and other events/holidays.


IMG_9268 IMG_9269

Note: I have seen others who have used rolling pins wrapped in yarn or rubber bands if you have those things laying around your home already, and don’t care about making actual shapes. It’s also fun and makes pretty textures. 

 If you would like to share what you made with me on Instagram make sure to tag @_colorsaremagic_ , I would love to see them!




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