Bubble/Chalk Mural Intern

"Eat glitter for breakfast and shine all day."

HI!!! My name is Sprinkles— and yes, I am a unicorn. I’m 30 years old in unicorn years…. that’s about 15.3 in human years. I grew up in the Cotton Candy Kingdom where my parents are the king and queen. Yes, I am Cotton Candy Kingdom royalty… but I decided that life wasn’t for me. I’ve always had a fascination with humans and how they live their lives day to day without magic. It’s crazy to me. So I used my horn to “zap” myself out of the Cotton Candy Kingdom, and I ended up smack dab in the middle of New York City in Central Park! That’s where I met Nickey. She was on the ground with colorful rainbow sticks (she called them chalk) and was drawing…. a UNICORN! It was fate. We became best friends and she even took me in as her “pet”. When she started her blog called Colors Are Magic, she decided we would make the perfect team. The rest was history.

I love Colors Are Magic… especially drawing chalk murals with children. Human children have a big fascination with unicorns… so they love to draw me! Sometimes I will change the colors of my mane and tail while they draw me— just to mix it up a bit.

So, a little about me personally, I LOVE jumping rope with rainbows after a good thunderstorm. Rainbows really do make the best jump ropes. When I was a little unicorn I won a rainbow jumping contest! It was one of my proudest accomplishments. I am also currently working on a glitter cookbook. It’s going to be marketed it in the Cotton Candy Kingdom (as human can’t just eat glitter), and I am really excited about it! I am using a lot green glitters. Unicorns these days are trying to “go green”.

I’d say my biggest dream at the moment, is to get approved for TSA Pre… but I know it’s a long shot. This horn on my head can look like a weapon to some people. Oh, well.

I hope you LOVE our blog and it brings a little more color into your day!

Sprinkles xo