tie dye

  • Unicorn Spit Coasters

    I know this may sound like a gross question… but have any of you ever seen unicorn spit? It’s  so pretty! So is their snot…. check out this post if you don’t believe me. Basically everything that my pet unicorn Sprinkles, does is beautiful. One evening after whipping up some homemade spaghetti I noticed from my kitchen view that Sprinkles was licking her plate clean. I took it as a compliment and let her go. Who needs manners on a Saturday night when you’re home in your sweats? Not us. When she brought the plate to the sink I stopped her from tossing it to soak in the sink. I had never noticed how pretty her spit was before! Swirling rainbow colors almost creating a tie dye effect were all over her white plate. Well of course colors are always getting my Colors Are Magic wheels turning so here is a way that you can make magical coasters that look like unicorn spit…. even if you don’t have a unicorn. 😉

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  • Kids “Stained Glass” Window

    This weekend it was freezing in New York. Freezing. My pet Unicorn decided to head out of town and over to the Cotton Candy Kingdom to visit her parents for days. I wish I could have taken a few days off and went with her– it is always summer there. But alas… I could not. On Saturday afternoon one of my best little kid friends came over to hang out and to be creative with me. She is the best. We decided to make a “stained glass window” in my living room. I must say… I love it! If you are not afraid of a little mess and have the patience for cleaning your windows when you are done enjoying it, then this is a great project for you!

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  • Rainbow Kicks

    Last week I bought a new pair of white shoes. It seems that the instant a new pair of white shoes hit your feet, they are doomed to become scuffed or stained. Well, I decided to wear my new white shoes to run a quick errand with my pet unicorn to her parents house in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, and of course I stepped into a mud puddle. I am sure you are thinking “Oh no! Not in your white shoes! They must have been ruined!” and normally I would have to agree with you. But….we were in the Cotton Candy Kingdom… and that means Rainbow mud puddles. I must say, they actually look better than before. After all, colors ARE magic.


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  • Fairy Kissed Roses

    Once, while taking my pet unicorn to visit her family in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, I noticed something very wonderful. Outside of each house in the unicorn neighborhood were all sorts of gorgeous flowers…. some were so bright that I thought wearing a pair of sunnies may be a wise decision. I do have human eyes after all. Of all the beautiful flowers there, one type caught my eye. The roses. They were not just your average run of the mill roses…. their edges were beautiful colors. They were not like the flowers who’s colors were so bright that they glowed. They were not 10 feet tall or blowing glitter in the wind. They were just….. lovely. I asked my unicorn if there was a way to find a packet of seeds in the Cotton Candy Kingdom so that I may be able to plant some of these beauties in New York. She told me that these actually were just regular white roses that she brought for her mother from New York for “Unicorn Mothers Day”. She said that fairies had come into the garden at night and kissed the edges of each petal. Fairy kisses are magic. When they kiss something it leaves behind a sort of rainbow airbrush effect on wherever the kiss lands. 

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