• Blessing Tree

    Happy Thanksgiving, every one! I am sure that by now you are all full of turkey and mashed potatoes (and perhaps laying on a couch watching football or a Christmas movie.) Wherever you are, or whatever you did, I hope that you had a beautiful day counting your blessings and eating yummy dinner with your family and friends. (I am not gonna lie… it maybe time to go pull the pumpkin pie back out and nibble.)

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  • The Kids Table

    I am not sure who was the original brain behind the concept of “the kids table” at Thanksgiving…. but they should have another holiday purely to honor their brilliant idea. Maybe it was just because there simply isn’t enough room at most tables to fit the kids well— but I would like to think that something as great as the kids table was an intentional concept.

    The kids table was the always the place to be on Thanksgiving. That’s were siblings and cousins unite to discuss the important things in life. You know, like what you were asking Santa for, your tactic for stealing extra dessert while the adult were cleaning up, or how you were going to convince your parents to let your cousins have a Thanksgiving sleeep-over. I remember one year my older cousin, Tommy, graduated to the grown ups table and even though I knew I loved the kids table, I whined until my mother made a makeshift spot for me between my dad and grandma. The grass was not greener on the other side.

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  • Thankful Jar

    I love Thanksgiving. Besides the fact that the dinner is delicious (so delicious)– I love that there is a holiday that gives me the opportunity to teach the importance of thankfulness to the little ones in my life. Let’s face it… there is quite a lot of entitlement going around these days– so it is great to remember to keep thankfulness at the forefront. This year, Sprinkles and I came up with this simple project to help your family count their blessings. We are going to give it a try as well.

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  • Magic Turkeys

    If you live in America, I am sure that you are aware that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. If you are a turkey living in America, I am sure that you are 10 times more aware than any human being (For obvious reasons that we won’t go into as children often read this blog).

    But, did you know that there is a very special breed of turkey that not many people are aware of? They never have to lose a night sleep over the thought of Thanksgiving and live off of a diet mainly consisting of Candy Corn and other fall treats. They are called “Magic Turkeys”.

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