• Sharpie “Stained Glass” Night-lights

    My pet unicorn, Sprinkles, is very afraid of the dark. I guess it makes sense… unicorns are used to light and sparkles. At night we have a bedtime ritual. We brush our teeth, I read her a bedtime story, we spray under the beds with our Monster Spray, and then we turn on our homemade night-lights. If you have a little one who doesn’t love the dark, then you should totally try making a couple of these. :)

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  • Candle Tattoos

    Well Christmas is just around the corner! Lets just say the excitement is definitely building. This year, since New York rent is so high, my pet unicorn and I have decided to make gifts for our friends and family. There are a few ideas that we been kicking around, but this week we made “Candle Tattoos”.

    You may be wondering what inspired this particular craft. Well, in the beginning of the year I got a tattoo. (A real one.) My pet unicorn isn’t allowed to get a tattoo because unicorns have an intolerance to the ink that is used. I felt bad… I know how much she has wanted to get a cupcake tattooed on her neck. So we came up with a fun way for her to create and play with tattoos at our apartment. While playing with our tattoos one afternoon and sticking them on non-conventional things… the “Candle Tattoo” was born.

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