sensory bin

  • Leprechaun Sensory Bin

    Sprinkles and I have been spending a good amount of time with a new little friend, who I have been affectionately referring to as #MyLittleSweetPotatoPie. She is so darling. Last week we decided to take a sensory play bin over for her to enjoy after lunch– and since St. Paddy’s Day is next week we decided to make it Leprechaun themed! She loved it and I am sure if your own little leprechauns will enjoy it as well!

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  • Fossil Excavation Sensory Bin

    I am a big Jurassic Park fan (dinosaurs are rad)! It’s actually kind of hilarious because A. I pretty much only watch kids movies and rom coms and B. I am border line terrified whenever a dinosaur attacks or eats a person, so I watch much of it with my hands over my eyes. But I can’t help it– it’s so fun to “see” dinosaurs and the parks are so full of imagination. Needless to say, once Sprinkles moved in– we had an introductory marathon. She also loved it! So, on a quest to create more dinosaurs on this blog we thought it would be fitting to make a dinosaur themed sensory play bin.

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  • Melting Rainbow Glaciers (Sensory Play)

    I grew up in Alaska. Yes, Alaska. Sometimes when I was a kid and went outside in the winter, my snot would freeze. Yeah… that’s how you know it’s cold out.  A few years ago I took my pet unicorn on a trip up north to see where I grew up. While we were there she was able to see her first glacier. She was intrigued. I mean, she did keep calling it an avalanche… (bless her heart)… but she loved it all the same. One evening we were outside sipping hot chocolate with my family and just enjoying the scenery, the sun was setting. It casting pinks and purples onto the water and making sparkles everywhere. It was magical. My unicorn made a comment that it would be cool to see a rainbow glacier. It would be so bright and colorful that when the sun shined on it, it would cast rainbows all over the mountains like a giant sun catcher and swirl colors into the sea as it melted. I thought it was a beautiful idea.

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