• Rainbow Breathing Unicorn Craft

    I always know when Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) is coming down with a cold. She can’t hide it. You see, when unicorns are sick, they breathe rainbows. Their snot is also rainbow. I know– being a unicorn is so much fancier than being a person sometimes. Especially when it comes to being sick.

    One afternoon while trying to come up with a craft idea for the week and making chicken soup for my sick unicorn, it hit me! Rainbow Breathing Unicorns! If your little one loves them some unicorns, this craft is perfect. Read on. :)

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  • Grow A Rainbow

    You maybe wondering where rainbows actually come from.  I know in school they tell you that rain and sunlight equal rainbows… but I am here to tell you that there is more to it. As many of you know, I have a pet unicorn named Sprinkles. She is the best. One of the perks of having a magical creature living under your roof is the getting to go on vacations to where they grew up. She is from the Cotton  Candy Kingdom (where her parents are the king and queen- another perk). One day she took me to their magical botanical garden and I was mesmerized by what I saw.

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  • Unicorn Spit Coasters

    I know this may sound like a gross question… but have any of you ever seen unicorn spit? It’s  so pretty! So is their snot…. check out this post if you don’t believe me. Basically everything that my pet unicorn Sprinkles, does is beautiful. One evening after whipping up some homemade spaghetti I noticed from my kitchen view that Sprinkles was licking her plate clean. I took it as a compliment and let her go. Who needs manners on a Saturday night when you’re home in your sweats? Not us. When she brought the plate to the sink I stopped her from tossing it to soak in the sink. I had never noticed how pretty her spit was before! Swirling rainbow colors almost creating a tie dye effect were all over her white plate. Well of course colors are always getting my Colors Are Magic wheels turning so here is a way that you can make magical coasters that look like unicorn spit…. even if you don’t have a unicorn. 😉

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  • Running Rainbows

    Rainbows make my heart happy. That is probably not a surprise to any of you… the blog is called Colors Are Magic. Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) requires lots of different rainbow treats to keep her healthy. Just looking at lots of colors has a healthy effect on her. It’s kind of like taking vitamins. We are always looking for colorful ways to use our creativity (and in the process, keep my unicorn healthy). :) I am sure your kiddos will love doing this “science experiment” and watching rainbows begin to form and run. If you are having a rainy day and need to cure some cabin fever, this project is a perfect way to bring a little color to your little’s gray day.

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  • Eating Rainbows

    Rainbows are beautiful– AND delicious! If you have spent any amount of time looking up kids recipes online, I am sure that you have been inundated with images of stunning, bright and bold treats. Rainbow cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, ice cream sundaes… the list goes on (and on). If you made every rainbow recipe that you found on the web, you children would probably turn into a pile of sugar. My pet unicorn, Sprinkles is pretty much the only one I know that can eat that much sugar and benefit from it. Luckily, nature is also full of rainbows and healthier alternatives for your kiddos (and you!) so you can munch colorfully without feeling guilty. Here are a few of my favorite ways to fill up on rainbows– check em’ out!

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  • Pancake Art

    Spring is here! I love spring so much. You see, unicorns are allergic to fall because that’s when things die and lose their vibrant colors- which we unicorns need to keep our immune systems up. Spring is when everything re-blooms and is full of color. While Nickey is off with itchy eyes and sneezing her little human head off, I am thriving. I feel sorry for her since she loves the weather and all the booming flowers– but she is not able to really enjoy them. Allergies are the pits.  read more

  • Melted Crayon Ornaments

    Christmas is just around the corner and Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) and I have been busy trimming the tree and decorating our house. As we were stringing our tree with some beautifully bright lights, we realized… we forgot to pick up some ball ornaments. So instead of running to the crowded store full of holiday shoppers…. we decided to make some homemade ornaments for our tree. Colorful of course. I had a package of clear empty ornaments from a craft last year so we thought it would be perfect. Look at how pretty they are:

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  • Paintsicles

    It was hot a few days ago. You know, the kind of day that is definitely “Popsicle weather”? Listen– Sprinkles and I will find any excuse that we can to have a popsicle (or 12…ha!).

    Well, as we were sitting there enjoying our brilliantly rainbow popsicles and loving life, I had an idea. What if we could paint with them? Those sweet and vibrant colors would look so great on paper! Popsicle paint….. Paintsicles! Paintsicles are fun and beautiful…. however they are not edible– so do not let your little ones stick them in their mouths! read more

  • Salted Space Paintings

    This week, my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, decided to teach me a thing or two in the crafting department. It all started a few nights ago during our bedtime routine. We take turns reading or telling each other stories before bed every night. This particular night, Sprinkles, told me of a magical field in the Cotton Candy Kingdom where she would go as a young unicorn and watch as a rainbow meteor shower would happen. She told me that as you sat in the middle of this field, meteors would explode into a rainbow dust all around you and everything it touched would look like a rainbow starburst. I wanted to see it very badly. Unfortunately, these showers only happened in the springtime. Of course I was disappointed to hear that I had such a long wait ahead of me– but Sprinkles had a great idea. She found a way for me to get a bit of an idea of what the field would look like. You should totally try it for yourself! read more

  • Colorful Sensory Play with Baby

     I know a lot of my activities and projects are geared more towards elementary aged kiddos, so here is one for the babies! They definitely do not need to miss out on all of the fun. This is my 11th year being a nanny (geez!) and I have cared for my fair share of tiny humans. When I first started working with little ones I figured that I would just have to wait until they got bigger to do fun activities. False! Lets have some fun and get those fine motor skills cruising. Here are a couple of my favorite things to do with the babies that I look after.

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