puffy paint

  • Blizzard Paint

    I loved making snowmen as a child. Ok, you got me… I still love it. I am not going to lie though… I would get pretty sad when the sun would come out and melt my hard work and frozen friend.

    Last year I took Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) out to build her first snowman. It was fabulous. I am pretty sure we spent a full two hours perfectly crafty and styling him. The next morning we came out to find a puddle, with a hat and scarf sitting in the middle. I think a squirrel may have eaten his carrot nose. Sprinkles was devastated. I guess I didn’t give her enough warning on what happens to snowmen. All of a sudden she pointed her horn at the ground and zapped it. It turned into a sparkly foamy substance. “It’s Blizzard Paint.” she said. Boom.

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  • Puffy Paint Monsters

    My pet unicorn, Sprinkles, and I do a lot of painting in our household. We love it all– watercolors, acrylics, finger paints, and everything in between. Today we decided to paint some colorful monsters (friendly ones, of course). They were cute… but something was missing. We were painting furry monsters, but we wanted to make the painted fur look a little more “furry”. We rummaged through our cupboards to see what we had on hand, and after a little deliberation decided on making some homemade puffy paints. Now our little monster friends have more defined and 3-D fur. Perfect.

    If you would like to make your own homemade Puffy Paint Monsters, it is super simple (you may just have everything you need at home already :) ).

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  • Homemade Window Stickers

    Today me and my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, went on a trip to the Cotton Candy Kingdom (where she grew up) to visit her friends and family. They are always doing all sorts of magical favors for us. For example, remember that one time that Sprinkles was having sleepless nights due to being afraid of monsters/nightmares and they helped me make Monster Spray and Magic Milk Potions to help her rest well at night? Not to mention all of the holiday perks we get from being friends with all the famous holiday icons. Well, it was time for us to return the favor.

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