The Only Thing I Trust, is Change

(A note from Nickey: Hi! I have started featuring guest bloggers once a month on, Colors Are Magic. I love to listen to stories from other nannies, parents and creatives. Life is so much better when we all do it together. I “met” Chelsea on Instagram. She has her own YouTube Channel called Practical Poppins. It’s a great place to learn more about nanny life and for nannies to connect with each other (you should totally check it out). I hope you enjoy this adorable and creative post as much as I did! 


by Chelsea Dawn

When our children are little
it’s all peek-a-boo and Playdoh.
Dandelions and toothaches.
Deciding one minute that they cannot survive without the red sippy cup, only to see that same sticky cup wave sadly to you from a forgotten corner two hours later;
filled with Cheerios that will go stale before they’re remembered.

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