• Harvest Dough

    Play dough! I absolutely love it. Autumn! I also absolutley love it. When you combine the two, the product is so good it makes my heart what to explode. This year Sprinkles and I decided to combine some season spices and such to create some wonderful smelling play doughs! Here are some of our favorite fall play doughs (aka “Harvest Doughs”). They smell amazing and one of them even sparkles! Your kids are sure to have fun playing with their special Harvest Doughs… and you will have time to clean up all of the Thanksgiving dinner dishes. Everyone wins.

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  • Lavender Oil Play Dough

    As of late, I have been keeping a whole lot of veggies in my fridge. Last night my pet unicorn got up for a midnight snack and she had 3 carrots, 2 bell peppers, 1 head of lettuce, 3 beets, and 5 pieces of broccoli. You are probably wondering what the big deal is. Veggies are super healthy. Well, normally you would be right, but veggies have the same effect on a unicorn as a bag of Halloween candy would have on a child. She was bouncing off the walls. I have never seen anything like it in my life. So, I came up with a plan…. Lavender.

    Lavender oil has many different healing properties, but the thing it’s known for the most is that it is calming. Now, my unicorn was way too wound up to do anything relaxing so I came up with a way to trick her into doing a calming activity: Playing with “Lavender Oil Play Dough”. Good news, it work for kids too.

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  • Holi-Dough

    Play dough is an all time big hit in my apartment. My pet unicorn and I love to use our imaginations and create all sorts of fun things. Here are some of our favorite Christmas play doughs (aka “Holi-Doughs”… see what we did there?) They smell amazing and one of them even sparkles. Your kids are sure to have fun playing with their special festive doughs… and you will have time to clean up all of the Christmas dinner dishes. Perfect.


    Gingerbread Play-Dough


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  • Monster-Doh

    Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall with wings, or are neon yellow with feathers and fangs. Some are tiny enough to fit comfortably in a thimble or as large as whale! There is a type of monster however, who has been overlooked.. and they need a just little TLC. Doh Monsters.

    Much like a hermit crab who will out grow it’s shell and search for a new home, Doh Monsters are born like little lumps of clay and must find a protective jar to dwell in. Because they are indeed monsters… and I want to feel like it, they tend to look for jars that are decorated like monsters on the outside. They also enjoy some good playtime amongst human children and will come out of their jars to play. You see, Doh-Monsters are wonderful at shapeshifting and love to see children using their imaginations. But, if you are going to ever play with a Doh Monster just remember, they will need to go back into the jar home when you are done playing. If they stay out for too long they could turn to stone. No one wants that. It’s just sad.

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