{A note from Nickey: I met Emily while living overseas in Australia. Listening to her speak is like listening to sugar. She is the one of the sweetest souls that you will ever encounter. Emily makes parenting look effortless and is someone I would definitely consider a “Super-Mom”. I hope you enjoy her guest post as much I have.}


    “Stop hitting your sister!”

    “Don’t play with your food- EAT IT!”

    “Why are you peeing on the floor instead of in the toilet?”

    “How many times do I have to tell you that we aren’t supposed to jump off the coffee table onto the baby?!”


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  • Monster Bubbles

    As many of you know, Sprinkles (my pet unicorn), and I just moved to Colorado a little over 3 months ago. We used to live in New York City. Yes… it was quite the culture shock.

    New York City is this amazing cocktail of culture. It has its own rhythm, smells, colors, sounds, and tastes. It’s one of those places that you love so much, and at the same time you need to get out of the city’s pulse from time to time. Just enough so that you miss it again.

    My happy place in NYC is Central Park. It has been since I was 11 years old and set foot in there for the first time on a family vacation. The buskers make it even more magic to me. I just love going on a walk and hearing violins… or seeing little kids all gathered around to watch a marionette show– but I have to say the bubble buskers are my favorite. Oh, the bubbles! They are massive, colorful…. and memorizing. Naturally when I got to Colorado I began to miss Central Park and all of it’s magical bubbles– so I decided to make some myself. You can too!

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