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  • 10 Ways That Nannies Are Basically Unicorns

    I believe that all mothers have magical powers. It seems like when that kid comes out that are endowed will all sorts of crazy abilities. I am not a mother yet… but I will say, being a nanny has certainly upped my magic factor and I feel like I have acquired some honorary magic.  I am not gonna lie, it’s nice feeling like I have some sort of magic. Living with my pet unicorn Sprinkles is super fun… but obviously she is always in the spot light. My nanny powers may not be exactly what she can do… but they make me feel magical too!

    So here’s a toast to all my nannies (and mannies) out there. You are magic.

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  • 10 Things to Never Say to A Nanny

    Oh, the nanny world. It can be such a weird place. But, when it is done right- with lots of communication, trust and respect- it can be beautiful.  I have been a professional career nanny for 12+ years now and in those years I feel like I’ve heard it all. I have sat with other nannies on play grounds, beaches, children’s museums and baby classes around the world… and these are definitely the top 10 things I hear of making nannies feel disrespected and annoyed. The last thing we need are burnt out nannies! We need passionate and thriving caregivers…. because our kiddos deserve the best! So let us begin…

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  • Vivian

    I have been a full time career nanny for the past 12 years. Geez, that makes me feel old. There have been many children that have come into my life, and all of them have taught me something and touched my heart in a unique way. But there is one little girl who left a very big impression on my heart. Her name is Vivian; a little girl with a big personality who changed my life. And while it should be said that Vivian’s whole family became a second family to me, this is her story.

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  • The Only Thing I Trust, is Change

    (A note from Nickey: Hi! I have started featuring guest bloggers once a month on, Colors Are Magic. I love to listen to stories from other nannies, parents and creatives. Life is so much better when we all do it together. I “met” Chelsea on Instagram. She has her own YouTube Channel called Practical Poppins. It’s a great place to learn more about nanny life and for nannies to connect with each other (you should totally check it out). I hope you enjoy this adorable and creative post as much as I did! 


    by Chelsea Dawn

    When our children are little
    it’s all peek-a-boo and Playdoh.
    Dandelions and toothaches.
    Deciding one minute that they cannot survive without the red sippy cup, only to see that same sticky cup wave sadly to you from a forgotten corner two hours later;
    filled with Cheerios that will go stale before they’re remembered.

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  • The Fun Side of Learning


    Hello to my Colors Are Magic friends! I’m so excited to be guest posting for Nickey today!
    I’m Stephanie from The Nanny Journals.


    That monkey on my back is my bff, M. He’s two-and-a-half and we spend a lot of time together.
    We basically tell each other everything.
    Now, if you couldn’t tell from my blog, I’m M’s nanny.
    I’ve been with the little guy since the day he was born and it’s been the best 2.5 years of my career.

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  • Holi-Dough

    Play dough is an all time big hit in my apartment. My pet unicorn and I love to use our imaginations and create all sorts of fun things. Here are some of our favorite Christmas play doughs (aka “Holi-Doughs”… see what we did there?) They smell amazing and one of them even sparkles. Your kids are sure to have fun playing with their special festive doughs… and you will have time to clean up all of the Christmas dinner dishes. Perfect.


    Gingerbread Play-Dough


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  • Monster-Doh

    Monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tall with wings, or are neon yellow with feathers and fangs. Some are tiny enough to fit comfortably in a thimble or as large as whale! There is a type of monster however, who has been overlooked.. and they need a just little TLC. Doh Monsters.

    Much like a hermit crab who will out grow it’s shell and search for a new home, Doh Monsters are born like little lumps of clay and must find a protective jar to dwell in. Because they are indeed monsters… and I want to feel like it, they tend to look for jars that are decorated like monsters on the outside. They also enjoy some good playtime amongst human children and will come out of their jars to play. You see, Doh-Monsters are wonderful at shapeshifting and love to see children using their imaginations. But, if you are going to ever play with a Doh Monster just remember, they will need to go back into the jar home when you are done playing. If they stay out for too long they could turn to stone. No one wants that. It’s just sad.

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  • #LANannyProblems

    The nanny scene in LA is a machine of it’s own and highly competitive. You would have thought that I had moved to Hollywood to become an actress. I even had an agent. Yes… there are such a thing as “Nanny Agents” and yes I could probably write another post entitled “#NannyAgents”. I had some of the most bizarre interviews that you could imagine and did “trial periods” with a few different families–all of which I properly left after finding out how crazy they were crazy. Legit crazy. “Yes… it does make me very uncomfortable that you would like to debrief about your child’s day completely naked. Put some clothes on.” That kind of crazy. After a lot of trial and error, I did find a fit. Not everyone in LA is crazy.

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  • Paid To Play

    photo 5 Hi, I'm Nickey IMG_0521

    I am a nanny. Yes, I do get paid to play… I am not negating that in the slightest. The playing is definitely one of the greatest perks of my job. Not once have I thought to myself, ”Gee…. I wish I were in a cubicle somewhere instead of pretending I am a fairy princess at this tea party.” I enjoy playing with bubbles, making sand castles at the beach, hugging sticky toddlers covered in strawberry jam sandwiches, and finger painting rainbow animals. I love that stuff. I don’t, however, enjoy it when people (who usually mean well) inform me that I have an easy job and merely play picturesquely all day long. I also do not appreciate it when they say, “Oh, Nickey… are you STILL babysitting?” as if coming alongside a family and helping them raise their children is not a real job, but merely an after school pocket money venture. False!

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  • #NannyProblems

    I am sure that if you are a reader of blogs that you have a pretty good grasp about all the social media lingo and what not… but just in case you are a grandmother who has just confiscated an electric device from your grandkids, just asked Siri what a blog is, and ended up here… I will explain to you the meaning of the hashtag.

    This is a hashtag: #

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