halloween crayons

  • 15 Halloween Crafts For Kids

    I am extra excited about Halloween this year. It’s not usually high on my excitement list, as I am not into dark things– but this year I am bringing some color to Halloween night! Sprinkles and I are not only dressing up like butterflies this year– but we are having a Colors Are Magic porch party for my trick-or-treaters! It’s going to be a blast and  I have some fun ideas up my sleeve, but I thought I would take to Pinterest to see if there were any fun ideas I maybe missing out on. There are some really adorable and clever things out there, so I thought I would put together a little post for any of you who are looking for some Halloween crafts to do with your little pumpkins this week leading up to All Hallows’ Eve.

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  • Halloween Crayons

    It is October and Halloween is upon us! This year instead of handing out a plethora of high fructose corn syrup, Sprinkles and I have decided to hand out some fun alternatives. One of those being some super fun Halloween Crayons! Halloween is already pretty dark– let’s add a little color!

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