• Green

    Just a little glimpse into some of my summer vacation! Missing you all… but loving the rest. I hope you are all having fun and colorful summers! (Or winters… whichever hemisphere you may live in. 😉 )


    We went on a hike into the color green, as the clock struck 4:15.

    Our backpacks filled with water and treats. And hiking shoes on most of our feets.

    Waterfalls here and there…. lush green forest everywhere.

    Ferns that carpet the forest floor and mossy logs to go explore.

    Green above, green below, green reflects on water that flows.

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  • Leprechaun Sensory Bin

    Sprinkles and I have been spending a good amount of time with a new little friend, who I have been affectionately referring to as #MyLittleSweetPotatoPie. She is so darling. Last week we decided to take a sensory play bin over for her to enjoy after lunch– and since St. Paddy’s Day is next week we decided to make it Leprechaun themed! She loved it and I am sure if your own little leprechauns will enjoy it as well!

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  • Leprechaun Snot

    As a lot of you already know, the St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun and I are actually pretty tight. For those of you who are not up to speed, I have a pet unicorn and she introduced us. Growing up in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, my unicorn had the opportunity to meet many different holiday icons. She is close with pretty much all of them and the Tooth Fairy is even her Godmother. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day, the Leprechaun comes over to our apartment and celebrates a few traditions with us. (You can click here to check them out.) One year while he was making us some of his famous Lucky Charms pancakes, he had to sneeze. He looked away and didn’t sneeze on our breakfast (thank God), but he did sneeze on my cabinet door. Well, I thought that Cupid and my unicorn were the only things alive that had pretty snot… but I guess I was wrong. Maybe only human snot is gross? Ughhh… let’s not get crazy. Anyway…. it was shimmery and had tiny shiny clovers in it! So I thought I would make a few adjustments to the Cupid’s Snot recipe and help you create some fun St. Patrick’s Day Slime for your kiddos to enjoy.

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  • Leave out some treats for the Leprechaun this St. Patrick’s Day…

    St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. Time to start looking for something green to wear so you don’t get pinched, right? While my pet unicorn and I do wear green on St. Paddy’s day, we have a little more fun than that. You see, as I have mentioned in previous posts, The Cotton Candy Kingdom (where my pet unicorn is from), is a huge vacation spot for all mythical creatures and holiday icons. That being said, over the years we have developed a pretty good relationship with the St. Paddy’s Day Leprechaun and his whole family. While he isn’t able to visit every single home individually like Santa (he doesn’t have a magical sleigh and reindeer), he does make a pit stop at our house every year… and boy is it fun! I have put together a list of our St. Patrick’s traditions that we have with the Leprechaun and step by step ways for you too to create a little Irish magic in your home.

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