fine motor skills

  • Gum Ball Paint

    Playing with your food is always fun… often frowned upon… but always fun. In my opinion, playing with candy is the ultimate fun when it come to food playing. It’s so bright, colorful and sweet. Well, other day my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, and I went to the candy shop in town. We got all sorts of fun stuff! I didn’t realize on our walk home that there was a small hole in my bag. I began to notice that my bag was getting lighter, and turned around to see some of my gum balls had fallen onto the ground and rolled into a puddle. I was really bummed… until I walked over and saw what had happened in the puddle. The gum balls began to bleed colors in the puddle and made the water rainbow colors. I kicked one of the gum balls out of the puddle and onto the sidewalk. It made a beautiful marbled streak as it rolled around and eventually landed in the grass. Needless to say that Sprinkles and I hurried home with our remaining gum balls to make some beautiful gum ball art.

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  • Colorful Sensory Play with Baby

     I know a lot of my activities and projects are geared more towards elementary aged kiddos, so here is one for the babies! They definitely do not need to miss out on all of the fun. This is my 11th year being a nanny (geez!) and I have cared for my fair share of tiny humans. When I first started working with little ones I figured that I would just have to wait until they got bigger to do fun activities. False! Lets have some fun and get those fine motor skills cruising. Here are a couple of my favorite things to do with the babies that I look after.

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