Easter Bunny

  • Easter Doh

    Right after the new year, Sprinkles and I went to The Cotton Candy Kingdom for a much needed getaway. It’s nice that her parents live there– so we know we always have a place to stay. We did our usual thing; a hike up Hot Fudge Mountain, sodas with Buttercream Fairy, and of course collecting Skittles during spring rainbow showers. But this trip I decided to attend an art class. Being that everything in the Cotton Candy Kingdom is magic– I figured an art class would be pretty out of this world!

    The day that I went, the Easter Bunny just so happened to be teaching the class. On his “off season” he enjoys having a creative outlet. That day he was teaching about how to make Easter Dough. I am going to pass on the recipe. Now, obviously you aren’t going to be able to find pixie dust and mermaid scales at Walmart… so unfortunately, your dough will not come to life after using cookie cutter on it– BUT you will love it!

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  • Easter Bunny Snot

    Hi! Its me, Sprinkles! I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and the intern here at Colors Are Magic. I am so happy to be sharing an Easter post with you this week! I am not sure if you read our last post, but Nickey told a story about how the Easter Bunny taught us to make some Easter Peeps Dough. We ran into him on our weekend trip to the Cotton Candy Kingdom. Well, it just so happened that it was that same visit that inspired this post too!

     You see, the Easter Bunny is allergic to vegetables. He can only eats chocolates and Easter candies– and Nickey happened to be snacking on some cut up cucumbers. We were not aware of his allergies at this point. He sneezed a crazy big sneeze  (I apologize in advance for the TMI), and his snot when everywhere!  Once we saw the St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun sneeze and his snot was glittery and had shiny green clovers in it! Well, the Easter Bunny is no exception. His snot was iridescent, sparkly, and full of tiny pastel Easter eggs!

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  • Melting Crayon Easter Eggs

    Easter is nearly here! My pet unicorn and I are very excited for a little warm weather. New York has seriously been having some bipolar weather as of late. So, while the freezing winds were gusting the other day, we snuck off for some much needed relaxation and warm weather in the Cotton Candy Kingdom (where my unicorn grew up). You see, my unicorn’s parents are the the King and Queen of the Cotton Candy Kingdom, and it totally has it’s perks. While we were there, her mother was having rainbow high tea with the Easter Bunny. I just love the Easter Bunny. He’s so cuddly and smells like chocolates and jellybeans.

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  • Peeps S’mores

    Here is a fun way to use up those Peeps that will inevitably make it into your children’s Easter baskets and backpacks this spring. It’s just like making a regular s’more… except it has a pinch of rainbow melted in the middle. Sweet and simple.


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