Reindeer Food

It’s Christmas Eve! Things here at my apartment are getting quite exciting. My pet unicorn and I have trimmed the tree, wrapped presents for our friends and family, sent out our Christmas cards, and baked cookies for Santa. I love the smell of fresh pine and Christmas cookies!! It’s magic.

Christmas Eve is always a special time for my pet unicorn as she gets to see Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Yep, my pet unicorn and Rudolph are cousins. So, even though I must go to bed after leaving out milk and cookies for Santa, my unicorn stays up and waits to have a minute catching up with her cousin. Every year she makes him and Santa’s other reindeer magical “Reindeer Food”. You see, being a unicorn, she is able to apply specific colors to her recipe. Each color she uses has a different nutritional benefit for Santa’s reindeer.

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