• Salted Space Paintings

    This week, my pet unicorn, Sprinkles, decided to teach me a thing or two in the crafting department. It all started a few nights ago during our bedtime routine. We take turns reading or telling each other stories before bed every night. This particular night, Sprinkles, told me of a magical field in the Cotton Candy Kingdom where she would go as a young unicorn and watch as a rainbow meteor shower would happen. She told me that as you sat in the middle of this field, meteors would explode into a rainbow dust all around you and everything it touched would look like a rainbow starburst. I wanted to see it very badly. Unfortunately, these showers only happened in the springtime. Of course I was disappointed to hear that I had such a long wait ahead of me– but Sprinkles had a great idea. She found a way for me to get a bit of an idea of what the field would look like. You should totally try it for yourself! read more

  • Kids “Stained Glass” Window

    This weekend it was freezing in New York. Freezing. My pet Unicorn decided to head out of town and over to the Cotton Candy Kingdom to visit her parents for days. I wish I could have taken a few days off and went with her– it is always summer there. But alas… I could not. On Saturday afternoon one of my best little kid friends came over to hang out and to be creative with me. She is the best. We decided to make a “stained glass window” in my living room. I must say… I love it! If you are not afraid of a little mess and have the patience for cleaning your windows when you are done enjoying it, then this is a great project for you!

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  • Melt My Heart(s)

    Growing up my mother made my brother and me an art cupboard. I loved that art cupboard. It was always full of fun treasure– markers, crayons, construction paper, stickers, paints, and various other knick-knacks. Every so often while cleaning the house, my mother would tidy the art cupboard. I hated those days… they were the worst. She would get out a blank sheet of paper and test the markers. If they had dried out they would go into the trash can. I guess that was understandable since they no longer worked. It was the crayons that were the hardest to part with. She would throw out the little nubs of crayon that where floating around our giant box. Maybe it was because I was over dramatic… or maybe it was because I was an artistic child– with every coloring device thrown in the the garbage bin was also an opportunity to create some great. Maybe it was a control issue…. or that I was just a little kid. Whatever the reason… I was not a fan of “clean the art cupboard day” and was known to shed a tear or two on the days it commenced. Until one fine day my mother suggested that we make giant tie dye crayons out of all my broken pieces instead of throwing them away. Brilliant. I was totally onboard.

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  • Grow A Candy Cane

    A few days ago my pet unicorn and I had to run a couple of errands in the Cotton Candy Kingdom. There are some things that you just can’t get for unicorns in Manhattan. Anyhow, while we were there picking up a carton of  “Magic Milk Potion” and a bouquet of rainbows, we stumbled across something amazing. Candy Garden seeds. Seriously. They had a seed for basically any candy you could think of. All you had to do was buy the seeds and concockt the proper watering potion. Simple! We decided that since it is Christmas time that we would buy a packet of Candy Cane seeds to grow on the window sill of our apartment. It “bloomed” beautifully.

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  • Rainbow Kicks

    Last week I bought a new pair of white shoes. It seems that the instant a new pair of white shoes hit your feet, they are doomed to become scuffed or stained. Well, I decided to wear my new white shoes to run a quick errand with my pet unicorn to her parents house in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, and of course I stepped into a mud puddle. I am sure you are thinking “Oh no! Not in your white shoes! They must have been ruined!” and normally I would have to agree with you. But….we were in the Cotton Candy Kingdom… and that means Rainbow mud puddles. I must say, they actually look better than before. After all, colors ARE magic.


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  • Magic Milk Potions

    My poor pet unicorn has been up the past few nights with awful dreams. I feel so bad for her… but she is too big to fit in my bed, so there is not much that I can do. I decided to call her mother and ask what is the best to way help unicorns with nightmares. She told me that there is a very soothing Magic Milk Potion that mommy and daddy unicorns give to their little ones when they get scared at night. It is made from cutting a piece out a rainbow and boiling in a pot with a cup of sugar and milk for 10 minutes. She told she it was ok if I didn’t have access to organic rainbow chunks and gave me a substitute recipe.

    The Magic Milk Potion ended up being really fun to play with and totally memorizing. If you have a little unicorn who is suffering from nightmares… or it is a rainy day and you need to entertain your kiddos– it is a great recipe to have on file. Your kids will be sure to have tons of fun playing with rainbows in their bowl.

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  • Fairy Kissed Roses

    Once, while taking my pet unicorn to visit her family in the Cotton Candy Kingdom, I noticed something very wonderful. Outside of each house in the unicorn neighborhood were all sorts of gorgeous flowers…. some were so bright that I thought wearing a pair of sunnies may be a wise decision. I do have human eyes after all. Of all the beautiful flowers there, one type caught my eye. The roses. They were not just your average run of the mill roses…. their edges were beautiful colors. They were not like the flowers who’s colors were so bright that they glowed. They were not 10 feet tall or blowing glitter in the wind. They were just….. lovely. I asked my unicorn if there was a way to find a packet of seeds in the Cotton Candy Kingdom so that I may be able to plant some of these beauties in New York. She told me that these actually were just regular white roses that she brought for her mother from New York for “Unicorn Mothers Day”. She said that fairies had come into the garden at night and kissed the edges of each petal. Fairy kisses are magic. When they kiss something it leaves behind a sort of rainbow airbrush effect on wherever the kiss lands. 

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  • Pocket Pets

    **Welcome to Love In Color! Where you help to color your world into a brighter and better place. Each week I will post a Love In Color challenge. These challenges will be fun and creative ideas that you can do with your kids (or by yourself!) to bring smiles, joy, and encouragement to your neighborhood and the rest of your world. Make sure you post your Love In Color challenges on social media (I myself am a Instagram-aholic. It’s a word.) and tag me/hash tag #colorsaremagic #projectloveincolor. I can’t wait to see all the magic you bring and may even repost your photos on my blog. Happy coloring!!**


    I live in New York City. Anyone who lives here can tell you these two things:

    Apartment hunting is a nightmare
    Finding an apartment that is pet friendly is the icing on the nightmare cake.

    (They can also tell you that if a subway car is empty… it’s empty for a reason. Stay away! But that has nothing to do with this post.)

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