• Hot Chocolate Paint

    I am sure that if you are a frequent reader of this blog, the fact that I love painting is no surprise to you. I just love it. In fact– there are few things I love more than applying paint to a brand new blank canvas. Well, that’s what I thought… until Sprinkles took to me to the Cotton Candy Kingdom to visit her parents and I saw how they paint. Are you ready for this?… In the Cotton Candy Kingdom, the citizens use candy to make paints. I know. Amazing. They mix the candies with a little unicorn magic, of course- but I still think it’s crazy cool. Here is a list of their colors:

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  • Hot Chocolate Clay

    It was an extremely windy day here in the Colorado Springs area yesterday. I don’t love windy days. I love rainy days, snowy days, even slightly breezey days…. but the windy ones can just take a hike. It messes up my hair… and the most annoying of all, it makes my hair stick to my lipgloss. Needless to say, I decided to keep Sprinkles (my pet unicorn) and I in last night. We decided to make some homemade clay with items we had around laying around the house. And of course, like all cold or windy nights, we whipped up some hot chocolate. We will take any excuse we can to make hot chocolate (cover in whip cream and sprinkled in mini marshmallows). YUM.

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