• Journey To Motherhood

    {A note from Nickey: I met Enid at my church while living in New York City and have always been drawn to her artistic and authentic nature. She is beautiful inside and out, and I am honored that she is sharing her journey to motherhood. Enjoy!}


    When my husband and I first found out we were pregnant after being married for about a year and a half, we were over the moon excited! Both of us had lived hard and fast lives in our younger years and we secretly held some fears in our hearts that maybe we wouldn’t be able to have kids as a result. read more

  • Enchanted Sensory Bottle

    Hi! It’s me, Sprinkles. I am Nickey’s pet unicorn and the intern here at Colors Are Magic. I’m so glad you stopped by! This week while Nickey is out nannying one of our littlest friends, I am going to share a fun sensory play project with you.

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  • Jurassic Jigglers (Sensory Play)

    Sorry that my posts haven’t been constant this week– I had a little health episode and had to go to the hospital. I am fine– but your on going prayers and good vibes are greatly appreciated. You guys the beeeeest!

    On a happier and more colorful note- here is a project I did with #MyLittleSweetPotatoPie last week. She and I share a love of Jell-O’s wiggly jiggly nature and dinosaurs. So I combined the two to make a fun sensory play activity for baby: Jurassic Jigglers :) She loved going on her baby version of a “dino excavation” and I am sure your little paleontoloigist will too!

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  • Seaside Sensory Bottle

    I have always been slightly obsessed with the ocean. When I was a toddler I would physically shake from excitement when I would see water… even if was only a mud puddle. As I got into second grade Free Willy became my favorite move… and Orcas, my favorite animal. I may or not not have done a skit for my second grade class where I was Jesse and my friend was Willy the whale. Classic. Anyhow, the ocean has always had my heart. I decided that this sensory bottle project should be ocean themed and it turned out sweet!

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  • Yogurt Finger Paint

    I am always looking for/thinking about things to do with baby. Just because they are little doesn’t mean that they should miss out on all the fun! Recently while hanging out with #MyLittleSweetPotatoPie, I tried out a little nanny hack I had learned from a fellow nanny friend– finger painting with yogurt. It was golden. Not only did my little buddy’s artwork turn out lovely, but it didn’t matter if she licked because it it’s totally edible. She loved it and so did I! If you want a project that is baby friendly, cheap and totally easy to make… this is the project for you!

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  • Leprechaun Sensory Bin

    Sprinkles and I have been spending a good amount of time with a new little friend, who I have been affectionately referring to as #MyLittleSweetPotatoPie. She is so darling. Last week we decided to take a sensory play bin over for her to enjoy after lunch– and since St. Paddy’s Day is next week we decided to make it Leprechaun themed! She loved it and I am sure if your own little leprechauns will enjoy it as well!

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  • Wiggly Waves Sensory Bin

    I recently took up a new part-time nanny gig with an adorable little munchkin. She is honestly one of the most laid back baby’s I have ever met in my life– such a delight. I of course was excited to try a new sensory play project with her! I am proud to say she enjoyed it just as much… (if not more) than me! Which is great…. because it’s for her, ha! It’s fun, squishy, and smells like heaven. If you have a baby or a toddler who loves to play in messes and explore, this is a great option for you.

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  • Laffy Taffy Finger Paints

    I am not going to lie… I love banana Laffy Taffy. It’s delicious… and smells amazing. It’s even my favorite color… yellow. So while walking up and down the Valentine’s aisle,  with Sprinkles, I decided to pick up a bag of Laffy Taffy. While painting Sprinkle’s hooves and munching on a piece, I got an idea. Why not try making finger paints out of them? Seriously, why not? We have been painting with a lot of candy lately. It’s been better for our teeth and adds more fun colors to hang on our refrigerator.

    They turned out great and smelled amazing. If you would like to try creating with your candy instead of eating it, you should really try out this recipe!

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  • Baby’s First Halloween | 15 Adorable Costumes

    Babies. Let’s face it, they are already super cute– but add a Halloween costume and your heart may just explode.

    I intended on asking my mother to tell me all about my first Halloween for inspiration for this post. Unfortunately, the story wasn’t much of a story. Ha! Apparently my mother was recovering from giving birth and a broken tail bone– so I stayed home and was nothing for Halloween. So let’s just get on with it.

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  • Colorful Sensory Play with Baby

     I know a lot of my activities and projects are geared more towards elementary aged kiddos, so here is one for the babies! They definitely do not need to miss out on all of the fun. This is my 11th year being a nanny (geez!) and I have cared for my fair share of tiny humans. When I first started working with little ones I figured that I would just have to wait until they got bigger to do fun activities. False! Lets have some fun and get those fine motor skills cruising. Here are a couple of my favorite things to do with the babies that I look after.

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