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**Welcome to Love In Color! Where you help to color your world into a brighter and better place. Here is where I will post Love In Color challenges. These challenges will be fun and creative ideas that you can do with your kids (or by yourself!) to bring smiles, joy, and encouragement to your neighborhood and the rest of your world. Make sure you post your Love In Color challenges on social media (I myself am a Instagram-aholic. It’s a word.) and tag me/hash tag #colorsaremagic #projectloveincolor. I can’t wait to see all the magic you bring and may even repost your photos on my blog. Happy coloring!!**


Let’s be honest… the world could always use a little more love. So this month’s Love In Color Challenge is super simple: just spread love. 

All you need is some Sculpey clay, but honestly you can spread love however you’d like. Sprinkles and I used our Sculpey to make fun rainbow hearts and placed them around town with a Colors Are Magic social media contact card.  Simple and fun. I would love to see what you come up for your own random acts of kindness. If you upload any photos of your love spreading make sure to use the hashtags #colorsaremagic and #projectloveincolor. :)

IMG_2747 IMG_2750

Here are 25 places you could spread your love:

* On the bench at a bus stop

* Inside a book at the bookstore

* On your neighbors front step

* In your child’s lunch bag

* On the windshield of a random car in the mall parking lot

* In a public restroom on top of the toilet paper dispenser

* On the counter of the DMV (those employees could always use a smile)

* Between the pages of a magazine at a gas station

* On the ledge of a drive-thru window

* In a letter to your Grandma

* In your mailbox for your mail person

* In the top jar at a coffee shop (maybe with a dollar… because making a large decaf skinny sugar free vanilla carmel latte with half the whip and sprinkles can be hard to remember).

* On each swing at your local playground

* Inside a new pair of shoes at the clothes store

* In a bouquet of flowers at the store

* On the seats in the hospital waiting room

* In the bananas at the grocery store

* In a family members coat pocket

* With the tip after a meal at a resturant

* In a notebook at the stationary store

* With the goldfish at your local pet shop

* Amongst the nail polish at the drug store

* On top of a tub of ice cream at the grocery store

* In a flower arrangement at the florist

* On top of the gas station pump


Here is some of the love that Sprinkles and I spread this evening:

IMG_2910 IMG_2903

IMG_2908 IMG_2901

IMG_2906 IMG_2907

IMG_2905 IMG_2904

IMG_2902 IMG_2909


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