Snow Paint

Well, I am sure you have all heard about (or were stuck in) Winter Storm Juno– aka The Snowpocalypse… aka Snowmageddon 2015. I for one was slightly disappointed by this blizzard. I grew up in Alaska and love a good snow storm. New York City had ample hype about the intensity of this storm– but our supposed 3 feet overnight turned into basically a half a foot in my neighborhood. I guess I will be eating nonperishables and drinking this 4 gallons of water for the next few days (and I will be thankful that I didn’t really have to use them.) So Juno many not have hit New York City like I imagined… but it did manage to make her white and ever so beautiful.

I love a fresh blanket of snow. It’s like God turns the entire city into a blank canvas. Well to me it’s a canvas. To my pet unicorn it’s a time to quarantine yourself. Like I mentioned in my previous blog entry, unicorns need colors to stay healthy. That is why we made the “Melted Rainbow Sun Catchers“. They help her to get the right vitamins and minerals she needs to come and play outside. Since the sun catchers are fairly new she will need a few more doses of color before coming outside. My little friends and I wanted to make sure she could come out and play with us on the snow day– so we went out ahead of her and painted the snow rainbow. Fun for us, healthy for her.

It was fun connecting with parents and caregivers in the park with their little ones today. We all chatted, laughed, painted rainbows together, and enjoyed the day off in the snow. If you would like to join the fun I have posted instructions for you to make your very own snow paint.

IMG_9760   IMG_9759

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 1 Box of food coloring

– 6 Spray bottles

– 1 Gallon of water (So you have enough for a round of refills)

It’s super easy…. just fill each spray bottle with water and add 10-15 drops of food coloring. Shake well. Perfect.

Make sure your spray bottles are set to mist and then spray directly onto snow. We made snow monsters, snow balls, and a mini snowman army. Make anything you would like out of snow and apply some fun colors!

IMG_9757   IMG_9756   IMG_9753

IMG_9751   IMG_9761   IMG_9747

IMG_9749   IMG_9750   IMG_9748

IMG_9752   IMG_9754   IMG_9762

  Stay warm, safe, and have fun painting the snow. xo :-)

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